Pippa completes Vasaloppet ski marathon

Yesterday, athletic Pippa managed to cross the finish line in the gruelling 56-mile Vasaloppet ski marathon, which she entered in Sweden.

Miss Middleton completed the marathon in seven hours, 13 minutes and 36 seconds. This means she finished 412th out of the 1,734 women who entered.

pippa completes the Vasaloppet ski marathon

Pippa, seriously, how do you still look so good after skiing in a marathon?

Pippa gives interview at Vasaloppet:

Pippa gave short interviews to a few journalists, both during and after the race.  During the race she told told Swedish broadcaster SVT she had prepared for the marathon over “a couple of weekends” and admitted she found it tiring.  She rated herself as an average skier:

At the end of the race, she told Swedish-language Aftonbladet Daily that the experience was “incredible”, and she completed the marathon “faster than she thought she would manage. “ She then said: “Now I’m going to rest and put my feet up.”

Skip to 1.37 to see Pippa with the press on ABC news (you can’t hear her speak, but you can see the attention she garnered from journalists!):

Pippa took part in the race with her brother James to raise money for charity. So far, the siblings have collected almost £8,000 for the charity Magic Breakfast.  You can read more about the charity and the race in our previous post, here.


  1. So nice to see her looking smiley and happy again – it seems like months since we’ve seen her looking so relaxed 🙂 Oh, and she looks like she’s got a bit of sun/wind burn on her face – she’s got white rings around her eyes from wearing sunglasses – happens to the best of us! 😉

  2. Ok, but WHERE can I get an inexpensive version of her ski pants?!?!? Just kidding. Sort-of. 🙂

    • You know, I was so so so tempted to try and find what ski wear she had on! I still might!!

  3. So nice to hear her speak! She sounds lovely but her sister Kate sounds a little more refined but I guess that’s because she will be the future Queen of England.

    • The reason why Kate’s accent is more refined is because she is faking it. This is their natural accent – both Pippa’s and James’ – Kate had hers fine-tuned to sound posh.

  4. it was nice to hear her voice. i was curious if it was like her sisters… and congrats to pippa, she did a really amazing job

  5. She does look happier without the daily guantlet of papparazzi chasing her.

    Lordy, can you imagine the number of calories she burned during that 7+ hours? Congrats to her for finishing.

  6. Good job, Pippa! What an amazing accomplishment. The sure is in peak physical condition, and Bravo to her and her brother for participating in the marathon to raise money for charity.

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  8. Last week she was in Les Trois Valles (Meribel, France), with her family and Geroge Percy



    Looks like she took another break from working out!!!