Love interests

Pippa Middleton and Harry … Potter?

Rumour is that Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has taken a liking to Pippa after watching her perform her Maid of Honour duties at the Royal Wedding last weekend. According to, one of Radcliffe’s pals said: “Dan has an eye for the ladies and who could not notice Pippa on that wedding day? … […]

Will it be Pippa’s turn to walk down the aisle soon…?

On the 1st of May we wrote about speculation over Pippa’s love life, hinting that she may be secretly engaged. Wedding bells? Today, a number of different sources are reporting that a ‘pal’ of Pippa and boyfriend Alex Loudon spoke to a journalist about the couple’s relationship, stating that Alex finds Pippa’s new found fame […]

Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry?

According to The Sun, Prince Harry told Pippa Middleton that she looked beautiful as he walked Pippa up the aisle after their siblings’ vows. Reportedly, Harry said to Pippa “you do look very beautiful today – seriously.” Fans of Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry are hoping they become the next royal couple. Pippa has become […]