Mary Hare School announces that Pippa will help with fundraising

Today, a Berkshire charity announced that Pippa Middleton has decided to help with fundraising efforts for the charity’s school. Pippa will assist the Mary Hare charity with fundraising for their school, which provides education and support to both profoundly and severely deaf children and young people from all over the UK. Images via Mary Hare Mary Hare […]

New photos of Pippa training in preparation of Vasaloppet

Just a quick post for Pippa fans who missed the Facebook update last night:  There are new photos of Pippa training (with both her friends and her brother) for the Vasaloppet ski marathon, which will be taking place this Sunday 4th of March. The photos are exclusive by Bauer Griffin, which means I can’t post them here.  […]

Pippa will ski in 56-mile marathon for charity

A few weeks ago I came across a donation page on a very well-known charity fundraising website that appeared to belong to Pippa.  It showed that she’d be braving the freezing cold temperatures in the Swedish mountains to ski in a 56-mile marathon, all in the name of charity.  I was unsure what to do […]

Philanthropic Philippa: Miss Middleton to front Dame Kelly Holmes’ charity

Today The Telegraph newspaper is reporting that like sister Kate, Pippa is going to do her bit for charity.  According to the newspaper, Dame Kelly Holmes reportedly said the following yesterday at the launch of the Forces Charity Challenge:  “Pippa [Middleton] is going to be doing something for my own charity leading up to the Games, […]