Pippa’s red and black checked shirt

This picture is from yesterday, I can’t believe I forgot to post it up here!

You can see Pippa in smart/casual attire walking to work.  She wore a black and red checked shirt, black skinny jeans and some pointy black heels (or pumps for American friends!) Pippa was also holding her Modalu handbag, which has been named after her:

pippa middleton red shirt

Shirt: Zara (Thanks Kimberley!)
Jeans: Unknown
Bag: Modalu Pippa bag.   As Michelle on our Facebook page points out: it is unclear whether Pippa is holding the tan or new toffee colour of the bag.
Earrings: Vinnie Day  (via my friend Anna at My Small Obsessions – check out her page, she’s amazing at narrowing down Kate & Pippa’s jewellery!)
Shoes: Unknown



  1. John Lewis has 6 (right now) of the Large Oyster Bristol bags online!

  2. i found a similar shirt from h&m except the squares are smaller and the shirt is a little bigger, but it’s still really cute,


    but i don’t know which if it costs less ( how much is the Zara one ? )