Pippa’s book ‘Celebrate’ hits the shelves tomorrow – journalists get preview copies to review

Pippa’s eagerly awaited first book ‘Celebrate’ comes out in the UK tomorrow (and the US next week), but a number of journalists have already received a review copy today.  Sadly, I have to wait for my book to come in the post at the end of this week 🙁  Here are a few morsels of information gleaned from other reviews. Enjoy!

Pippa Middleton's book Celebrate

The reception of Pippa’s new book has been somewhat mixed, with the Daily Mail’s Rebecca English summing the reviews up nicely:

“Some [have described] it as a romp through the blindingly obvious and others accusing her of blatantly cashing in on her royal connections.

Her supporters, however, have described it as charming and well put together.”

At first glance, after reading the tips offered in The Mail on Sunday’s You magazine preview, I would be inclined to agree with the former points in Rebecca English’s quote: for example, Pippa tells us to pour hot drinks for picnics into “mugs or paper cups” from flasks. There are more quotes like these available on journalist @Anitathetweeter’s Twitter feed too, and they do make you roll your eyes a little (sorry Pippa!)

But let’s give poor old Pippa a chance here!  You could argue that all of these quotes are taken out of context and these tidbits aren’t given as advice, but rather, Pip is trying to set the scene and inspire the reader by narrating these little (usually insignificant) events. Perhaps the crafts and recipes will be the focal points of the book, in which case, the proof be in the pudding (literally).  I will reserve judgement until my copy arrives!

In amongst the glossy pictures of both Pippa and the treats she’s cooked up for us to look at, Celebrate does contain fractions of information about early life with the Middletons, perhaps one of the reasons the book has already made a dent on Amazon’s best sellers list, despite the fact it’s still only available on pre-order.  In the USA, Celebrate is currently #137 in the Books category on Amazon.com’s best sellers list. It’s rated up at #2 in books > crafts, hobbies & home > entertaining.  In the UK the book is slightly more popular: it is currently ranked #79 in books and up at #1 in books > food & drink > entertaining and special occasions! Go Pippa!

I’m certainly still looking forward to receiving my copy of Celebrate, even if the information contained within the book is a little lacking or obvious. I am excited to read about the antics the Middletons got up to as children (e.g. the little stories about how the three giggling siblings apparently carried a tray up to parents for breakfast as a surprise), and of course, I’ll be trying to work out what Pippa’s wearing in every single photograph (naturally).

Links – (will add more as they come tomorrow)

Will Pippa be holding a party to Celebrate the release of her new book?

pippa middleton celebrateIt has been reported that Pippa will be holding a small party for friends and family only (no media) tomorrow to officially launch her book.  You can read the exclusive details here.  It has been said that sister Kate currently has no plans to attend the event, but may reconsider joining the party to support her sister.  Regardless, we’re hoping for photographs before the event!

Appearances, signings & two MORE books for Pippa?

Also in this article, there is reference to Pippa being contracted to write two more books for Penguin (one reportedly about budget weddings).  We’re also told that Pippa should make some guest appearances for Penguin AND carry out a stock signing of a limited number of books, which will then be distributed to bookstores.  (Oh to get my hands on a signed copy of Celebrate – that would be SO COOL!) Fingers crossed this is all true!

My review:

As I mentioned at the top of this article, my copy of Celebrate should arrive sometime at the end of this week.  I’ll have a full review up as soon as possible!  My good friend Trisha is also on hand next week to help me compare the US and UK versions.  At the moment we know both editions have a different cover, but I’d be interested to spot other distinctions in the text too!

It’s question time:  Have you already pre-ordered Pippa’s book? Will you be buying it based on these reviews, or would you prefer just to flick through it next time you’re in Barnes and Noble or Waterstones?  Would you travel over to a local bookstore if Pippa were to make an appearance?  Let me know in the comments!


  1. I’m really keen on getting this book for myself and seeing what I think about it personally. 🙂 It’s coming out on my birthday!! I don’t know if that’s something to be proud of, but *stillI! lol

    Can’t wait for your review. 🙂

  2. Great blog post. I am waiting for my ordered copy too.
    Can’t wait to get it.

  3. fair first view !
    “rolling on the floor” how all the gossip-sites copy one-another and are waiting for scandals ; so sorry boys and girls , Pippa-style is different.

  4. Rory Savage says:

    I would like to attend a book-signing but i think so far they may have been purely stock signings,not sure.Contacted Waterstones events page so hopefully they may know.I would travel to London but a signing at the local Caxton book shop in Frinton would be great!