Pippa will ski in 56-mile marathon for charity

A few weeks ago I came across a donation page on a very well-known charity fundraising website that appeared to belong to Pippa.  It showed that she’d be braving the freezing cold temperatures in the Swedish mountains to ski in a 56-mile marathon, all in the name of charity.  I was unsure what to do with the information, reasoning that if Pippa wanted it publicised, she’d have her ways and methods of getting the word out there.  And if it was meant to be private, she probably didn’t want me writing about it, especially as things I write often get republished (the perils of having journalists following me on Twitter, hehehe)  Anyway, now I’m happy to share this information as I’ve seen an article about Pippa’s charity ski trip in The Express newspaper.  pippa middleton to raise money for charity in ski marathon

About Pippa’s charity ski challenge:

Pippa is competing in the Vasaloppet next Saturday with her brother James.  The 56 mile ski-marathon is the world’s longest cross-country ski race that runs annually.  It looks like a gruelling challenge and we wish Pippa the best of luck!

The charity:

The siblings are raising money for ‘Magic Breakfast’, a small charity that fights child hunger through breakfasts clubs.  They deliver free breakfasts to thousands of state primary school children in the UK.  You can read more about the charity and what they do by clicking here.


Today, @OnRoyalToes  (a photographer on Twitter) posted an image of Pippa from a Sunday newspaper running this story.  In the picture, Pippa appears to be wearing skis, but I am unsure if this is a new picture, or cropped out of an older image (I recall seeing lots of pictures of Pippa with Will and Kate skiing in 2007/2008.) I believe it is an older image becase as Julie from our Facebook page mentions, that looks like one of Will’s Royal Protection Officers in the background.   I will try and get this clarified.  It may well be be a new image from @OnRoyalToes!  I’ll let you know if I find out!

In Geneva:

Our Facebook friend Simona showed us a tweet from English TV presenter and model Elle Dible who spotted Pippa flying out to Geneva 3 weeks ago on the same BA flight.:

Pippa Middleton Geneva

This suggests Pippa is taking her training for the competition very seriously, as that tweet was from three weeks ago!    Another story from the Daily Mail today reports that Pippa flew on the ‘ski holiday’ with George Percy on the 3rd of Feb. They have an eye witness that said that Pippa and George were acting like a couple.


  1. Camden Xiang says:

    You need many weeks or even months of on-snow ski practice, not to mention excellent physical condition, to stand any chance of completing Vasaloppet. It’s more than twice as long as a marathon, and more than twice as gruelling. I very much doubt that Pippa will be able to complete the race (no shame in that, many people don’t), especially given the lack of snow in the UK. (That said, I would be extremely impressed if she did.)

  2. Bauergriffin blog has posted the exclusive, which includes several pics



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