Pippa wears cute chiffon blouses two days in a row

Hello Pippa fans!  Last week, Pippa was photographed wearing these two cute chiffon blouses.

Left:  She wears a kind of blue-grey blouse with bib detailing.  Right: a cream blouse with ruffles down the front.

pippa cream blue blouse

You’ll notice Pippa is carrying her Knomo laptop case and Modalu handbags too.  I LOVE the Oyster croc…


I’m not sure of the designer of Pippa’s blouses, but the blouse on the right does look very similar to the Whistles ‘Kate’ blouse:

Whistles Kate Blouse

Of course, we all know that Kate is said to have worn this blouse in her engagement picture and was then spotted buying it again, after it was re-released.  However, Pippa’s has a collar and different buttons.