Pippa writes about Austria for the Telegraph, plus new season Modalu Pippa bags

This morning I stumbled across a new article by Pippa in the Daily Telegraph’s Travel section – a random treat because Miss Middleton is supposed to be writing for the paper on a bi-weekly basis and she only had an article published just last weekend. I wasn’t expecting to read another until NEXT weekend!

In today’s article, Pippa recounts skiing down the Hahnenkamm, the “most famous downhill ski course in the world,” and visiting the Jahrmarkt festival in Kitzbühel, Austria – it’s a traditional 89-year old festival celebrating beer, bratwurst, schnapps and schnitzel.

Seeing Pippa wearing traditional alpine dress in bright pink and red certainly brightened up my morning (and reading her article has now contributed another item to my “things to-do before hitting 30” list!)

Pippa treats us to descriptions of everything she saw, ate and experienced during the day – you can read the full article here.

There’s also an accompanying photo gallery that can be viewed here (and if you’re anything like me, the pictures alone will have you booking tickets for next years festival – it looks like a gorgeous place to visit, with lots of fun to be had!)

Of course, there’s not very much IDing to be done on Pippa’s outfit in these photos – she’s wearing a pink, red and white traditional dirndl (with a “bust-boosting blouse and a pinny to give an approachable, girl-next-door look”, in her own words!)

However, I can tell you that Pippa’s wearing her London Sole Pirouettes in red nubuck.  The shoe is described on London Sole’s website as follows:

“The Pirouette is one of our most popular flats and suits a narrow to medium width fitting with an elegant low vamp, revealing a little toe cleavage and has a quarter inch heel. A graceful ballet flat which will make the perfect addition to your wardrobe.”

You may recall that Pippa has worn these shoes on a number of occasions in the past. The brand seem to be a favourite with the Middleton sisters – both Kate and Pippa own several pairs in various styles and colours.

New season Modalu Pippa bags:

Please note: This blog post was from Oct 2014.  This information is now out of date.

I couldn’t post an article without mentioning the gorgeous two new season colours that Modalu England have introduced for their Pippa bags.  Meet the Chocolate and Oxblood Pippas, which join the Navy, Smoke, Peacock and Lipstick colours this season:

Modalu Pippa Bags

Modalu Pippa Bags from top left, clockwise: OxBlood, Peacock, Chocolate, Smoke, Lipstick

Do you have a favourite Pippa bag colour, or is one of the above going on your Christmas list this year?  I can’t choose between the Peacock, Chocolate and Oxblood – perhaps I’ll have to put all three on my wish list this year!



  1. Actually the shoes she is wearing looks like London Soles. They look exactly like her Pirouette Red Nubuck ones. I have a pair of these as well and they look identical to the ones she is wearing.

    • Hi Cris,

      I have gone through about 3 different versions of this article with various Ids for the shoes. I agree they’re likely to be the London Sole but Pretty Ballerinas did confirm these shoes to be theirs too. At present, I’ve updated the articles with both IDs. You have them? Jealous – I really adore these! Do they fit good?

      • Hello again! They fit like your favorite pair of gloves! I actually own three pairs: Pippa’s Pirouette’s in the red Nubuck and the beige with black trim. I also have Kate’s Henrietta’s in brown leather croc (I do not believe you can get these any more however you can in the Pirouette style which Pippa favors). I am currently on the waiting list for Kate’s black quilted Henrietta’s in my size. These flats are a little more expensive but definitely worth every penny! I wear mine all the time as they are so very comfortable! The Middleton sisters most certainly know style AND comfort!!!

        • Oh and the Pippa bag-definitely the chocolate!!!! That one is definitely on my list! I have the toffee, black, shark and oyster. Since my birthday is in about seven weeks that item is at the top of the list!

          • Wow you already have four? You lucky lady! I have one, a gorgeous red that I got in the sale a couple of years ago and I found matching purse in the sale a year later! I AM going to have another in January with my Xmas money – I am hoping for the chocolate too. It will go with everything. Or perhaps the black.

    • I have just changed the article back actually, to say it is London Sole (after going back and forth!)

  2. What fun, I’d love to go.

  3. she looks so adorable in the dirndl I love munich and oktoberfest