Pippa talks of her adoration for Bridget Jones & hints that she’d like to be on Strictly Come Dancing in new column

Pippa’s latest column was published in the Telegraph this morning, and it’s both a visual feast for the eyes and a witty read.

The focus of this article is Pippa’s own 30th birthday and a spanish theme (including photos of Ms Middleton taking flamenco dance lessons). In acknowledgement of the upcoming new Bridget Jones book, Miss Middleton shares the milestone with us in a diary format.

We learn how Pippa spent her 30th birthday, in Spain. With a “willing dance partner” (anybody else thinking Nico?) she gave a surprise Flamenco dance performance for family and friends after a delicious Spanish meal.

In the typical style we’ve come to expect with Pippa’s writing, the article is full of wit, she pokes fun at herself and teases us with little tidbits of information:

PS. Learning flamenco has inspired me – think Dirty Dancing. I’m working on the merengue, the cha-cha, and of course the lift, Johnny and Baby style. Good practice in case I’m ever asked on Strictly … Now that would be fun!

(I can already guess the tabloid headlines today – “Pippa wants to do Strictly” etc etc)

On the Telegraph’s Food and Drink pages, Pippa shares a Spanish recipe from a favourite restaurant in London. The recipe for Iberico ham croquettes looks involved and challenging to make for a novice like me, but I can’t deny it does look delicious!

Finally, the gallery of Pippa re-creating the dance from her 30th birthday performance is a real treat – enjoy!

Images all copyright to © Clara Molden via The Daily Telegraph


  1. She was just photographed wearing the dirndle, now a flamenco dress, I have a feeling, the next time I see her, she’ll probably be wearing a sari or a kimono. lol

  2. Mary Zech says:

    She is always doing something fun and interesting! Never a dull moment. She looks beautiful with her hair up like that.

  3. She has a sense of humor