Pippa style steal: Beige French Sole shoes – Asos alternative for just £9!

Since we’ve started following Pippa and her fashion style, we’ve noticed her rocking a pair of London Sole Beige Leather Pirouettes on a number of occasions.  Most recently, Pippa wore the shoes with a beige Kate Spade cardi.  Below, you can see Pippa wearing the shoe with a H&M lace dress and a Lamb1887 clutch bag back in September 2011:

pippa middleton lace dress

These shoes have always been a favourite of mine.  I was casually browsing Asos today and noticed these little beauties, a pretty good alternative if you don’t have the budget for London Sole (like me, boo hoo!)  I think they’re a slightly lighter colour with a small texture and a squarer toe, but at only £9 (YES, £9!) I think they’re an bargain.  I’ve ordered a pair!   Click here to see them on Asos’ website.

asos london sole alternative

We’ll keep our eyes peeled from more affordable Pippa-eque alternatives, feel free to share yours below!


  1. i adore that outfit on her

  2. Love those shoes! Ordered mine from Asos too! Thanks for the tip.