Pippa spotted Partying in France, wearing gold & purple period costume!

Usually, we follow Pippa’s style and blog about her outfits and then dozens of fans will attempt to replicate her look for themselves.  However,  I’m not sure that’ll be the case with her clothing in these latest photos from Friday night!

Pippa attends lavish party

Image of Pippa partying © Viscount Arthur – from his Facebook page

On Friday evening, Pippa attended a party in Paris, wearing a silky bright purple and gold tunic  top, which was adorned with bows and floral embroidery.  Thankfully, her outlandish outfit was all in the name of fancy dress!  Her friend, Viscount Arthur de Soultrait, held a birthday bash in the French capital city at the exclusive Chez Raspoutine club.

Pippa wore her period costume top over some lace-trimmed leggings, while clutching her Lamb 1887 gold handbag.  To keep warm, Pippa put on her whistles leather jacket and she wore her gold snake print shoes, which I’ve been informed were from London boutique Austique.

Watch Gala.TV’s report from inside the club:

If you’re French, you may wish to read the report over at Gala.Fr.

Viscount Arthur de Soultrait is one of Pippa’s close friends, he is a fashion designer well known for his bright, preppy designs. Fun fact:  Viscount Arthur is designing the ties for the French Olympic team for the 2012 games.

See more footage and hear Pippa speak French here.

Pippa attends party in Paris

Pippa out in Paris wearing her cream lace H&M dress:

The Daily Mail has more pictures of Pippa from Saturday morning too!  She is seen walking with several different French men, including Viscount Arthur’s brother.  She wore her cream lace H&M dress, black Zara blazer, black Russell and Bromley boots and black croc Modalu handbag.

The newspaper appears to speculate over her love life and they call the men she is walking with France’s “most eligible bachelors”.

Pippa was also recently spotted skiing with her sister, the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William, her parents, brother and long-time friend George Percy.  If you haven’t seen those pictures, you can click here to view them.


  1. Do you have any details about her black blazer…I know it’s Zara but cannot find it anywhere…help! Thanks

  2. I have to say I’m a little disappointed by her fancy dress attire, it’s less period and more Disney princess. Considering she’s in the party entertainment industry & this is one of the most fun and opulent themes you can get + she is hardly lacking in disposable income to hire for one night- it feels rather lame in comparison to the rest of the guests, just a shame, as she could’ve looked breathtakingly beautiful in true period costume.


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