CONFIRMED: Pippa’s party planning book titled “Celebrate” IS due out in October

pippa middleton's bookEarlier today, USA Today published a story revealing that Pippa’s “long awaited party-planning book”will be called Celebrate and it will be published in October with Michael Joseph/Penguin Books.

I contacted Peguin and they replied!

Pippa IS indeed publishing a book, titled “Celebrate”, and it will be due out in October.

Here’s an excerpt from my email, direct from Penguin:

Pippa Middleton Book

The lovely PR rep from Penguin also said she’d send us more details of the book within due course.  I cannot wait to hear more about Pippa’s book – and I’ll be first in the queue to get my hands on a copy in October.

Pre-order Pippa Middleton’s book now:

[schema type=”book” url=”″ name=”Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends” description=”Pippa Middleton’s first book, Celebrate, is due out on October 25th. It is said to be a collection of party planning tips, written by Pippa.” author=”Pippa Middleton” publisher=”Michael Joseph ” pubdate=”2011-10-25″ isbn=”0718176782″ hardcover=”yes” ]

What about you?  Will you be buying Pippa’s debut book?

The timing of this new is GREAT for Pippa, who was caught amid controversy yesterday!  Miss Middleton was sat in a car as a friend pointed a plastic toy pistol at a photographer tailing them in traffic, during a trip in Paris.  This story has made headlines in the UK and abroad, despite it seeming like nothing more than a jovial prank (the photographer explains here that it wasn’t a big deal and that he’d been having lighthearted fun with the friends all day.)  However, it is obvious to see why the photos may strike a nerve with many people after the very recent spree of shootings that occurred across France.