Pippa News: Round-up for Jan 16th-22nd

Well, I meant to post this yesterday as a nice bit of easy Sunday evening reading for you all, but what can I say?  I managed to completely forget, so it’s a day later than I intended.

Here’s a little round up of news about our favourite Miss Middleton from last week:


It has been reported from several different sources that Pippa is on holiday in Mustique, at a villa named Aurora that costs $18,000 a week to rent out.  She is said to be holidaying on the exclusive, private island with her parents, sister Kate and her brother James.  Additionally, it has been reported Prince William will fly out to join the family on the island.  It is set to be a right royal affair with Princess Eugenie also said to be holidaying on the island.

The private-island retreat has 74 villas for rent, 9 individual beaches, a boutique hotel, a beach bar, a health spa, a scuba-diving facility and an equestrian centre.  Sports-fan Pippa will probably enjoy the exclusive tennis club on the island too.

The Aurora villa sleeps a maximum of 6 guests and has a 2 bedroom cottage nestled in the grounds, used as a private hideaway, complete with its own living, dining and leisure areas.

Here’s a glimpse of the villa from the Mustique Island website:


Pippa joins shooting party in Yorkshire:

The York Press reported that Pippa joined a pheasant shooting party at Carlton Towers in Yorkshire during early January.  You can read more of this story here.

Carlton Towers is a family heritage site dating back to the 17th century.  It boasts a Victorian Gothic exterior and is situated amongst 250 acres of parkland.  The hall hosts wedding, parties, corporate events and other social occasions.

Here’s a picture of a shoot at Carlton Towers, to give you a sense of the day:

carlton towers shooting party

Pippa threatens the paparazzi with an injunction:

As reported on this blog previously, Pippa’s lawyers have asked the paparazzi to not take her picture when she’s walking to and from work, as this constitutes harassment.  You can read more here.

This news came days after the Daily Mail’s editor Paul Silva revealed that they would often receive up to 400 pictures a day of Pippa going about her daily business.

pippa middleton pictures

Valentines’ Day:

There have been a number of stories published over the last few days that share several of “Pippa’s” Valentines’ tips. These tips came from the Middleton family’s Party Times blog for their party company, Party Pieces.  However, you should note that Pippa only edits the blog and the posts themselves are signed off by different writers, so she hasn’t written the tips at all (as far as we know!)  However, she did sign her name to this email newsletter last week:

Pippa Middleton Newsletter

And last but not least…We have a winner!

Bella H was the lucky winner of the £50 Zalando voucher from our recent contest.  I can’t wait to see what Bella chooses!

Those entering the contest needed to pick something from Zalando’s catalogue and share it with us on the blog, (i.e. what they’d buy with the voucher.) If you didn’t win the voucher but still are interested in the item you chose, I’m informed if you sign up to Zalando’s newsletter you can get £5 to put towards your first purchase: http://bit.ly/AovEdo.    The newsletter will land in your inbox with news about discount codes, promotional offers and sales, plus there’s plenty of information about the latest trends in shoes and fashion too.  I’ve already subscribed!


  1. Love your Pippa blog.
    Sorry that it will be censored.
    Pictures and updates are fabulous.

    • Hello,

      To be clear, I won’t be censoring the blog. It just seems like there will be less pictures of Pippa overall, due to her warning off the paparazzi.

      However, if there ARE pictures of Pippa, I may choose not to use them if she looks unhappy or distressed.

      I hope to provide news & information in between any appearances at events!

  2. I LOVE your blog, and am sad that there won’t be daily updates of Pippa’s style and fashion. I understand why, but I still am bummed your site won’t have new images daily. Keep up the great work though. I love your thoroughness on ID-ing her clothes/shoes/bags. You do a great job.

  3. I know this is super cheeky to ask- but whilst we are on Pippa black out- maybe you could do a post on things that have not been ID’d?! I can only think of a couple of things like that greeny scarf and her kilt though. Just an idea 🙂

    • That’s a great idea! Unfortunately, I’m bogged down with work at the moment and just THINKING about what we haven’t IDd and going through all the pics could take a big portion of my time.

      BUT I will start a list & I’ll ask on Facebook – and then I WILL make this post!! It’s a great idea! Just no promises that it’ll be in the next few days x

      • Oh goodness I certainly didn’t expect anything immediate- you have so much going on with your other sites and obviously your own life too!!! But that’s great! I think for me I personally enjoy the search as I end up finding new shops along the way! Just like to say thank you as well. Hope work is enjoyable work not anything too crummy for you x

  4. Couldn’t see the blog with her in this similar scarf, but colour is almost not quite. Howver the tassle length looks the best I’ve seen. http://www.celtic-sheepskin.co.uk/ladies/accessories-1732/knitted-woven-accessories/merino-scarf/

  5. In Mustique, 6 people for $18K a week is almost a budget option ($6K per couple). Based on what I read, it comes with a cook 8-() Probably worth it if you find three couples to share it with.

  6. I think your FB poster who noted the Scotland Shop is onto something, because I’m pretty sure the scarf is the Stirling and Bannockburn scrunch scarf here: http://www.scotlandshop.com/p-13-tartan-scrunch-scarf.aspx

  7. Update: Actually, I think it is the second mini-photo…not sure if that is the Stirling, but the photo looks right…

    • Thank you for posting some new photos of our fave girl Pippa. Looks like she still is keeping stylish while also warm.