Pippa News: Round up for February 1st – 14th

In Mustique….

Photographers managed to capture a few images of Pippa and family at the airport on their way back from Mustique, which you can see in a gallery here.  As you can see, Pippa is wearing a while sleeveless sundress, her tan Russell and Bromley “Coco Pop” wedges and her tan namesake handbag by Modalu. The sundress reminds me of the white issa dress Pippa wore last September.

Returning from Mustique:

Well, it appears that some paparazzi photographers didn’t get Pippa’s memo, asking them to stop harassing her for photos.  Pippa was photographed on her way to work on both Thursday and Friday last week.  You can view all the images here on Zimbio, but I’m not going to publish them here.  I will, however, write IDs of her clothes for those wondering.

Feburary 8th:  Pippa wore her green FAY coat over a pair of black skinny jeans and with a pair black ugg boots.

Feburary 9th:  Pippa wore her Suzannah damson coat with her black Russell and Bromley boots, while carrying her Loewe Amazona handbag.

pippa middleton clothing

Interesting news:

The Daily Mail have written several articles showing us how we can get Pippa’s bum without exercising, and by cheating with underwear.  The first is a budget option: a pair of tights from the 99p Store.  Those who live in Ireland will have to try and test the tights, and tell us how they fare!

The second article champions Spanx (which I personally swear by), here promoting the new “booty booster” line with removable “butt-let” pads.  An ideal option if you have a slinky dress to slip into, and you wish to look as good as Pippa did on Catherine’s big day!

This article asks if Pippa is trying hard NOT to become the next Fergie.  I personally like the advice of the PR and communications experts they’ve spoken to and I think I’d love to see Pippa do an interview but donate the fee to charity.  What do you think?


  1. Thank you for the update. Do you have any idea of the brand/name of Pippa’s cute white sleeveless dress she wore in Mustique? Thank you for any info you may have.

  2. cool thanks for the update