Road testing Pippa Middleton’s Knomo laptop bag

So, a few months ago when Pippa started to be photographed to and from work, people started asking me ‘where did she get her quilted laptop bag from?’.

Within a few days, I received an email from a company called ‘Knomo‘ answering this question, informing me that they are the makers of Pippa’s gorgeous laptop bag.

Here’s a collage of pictures of Pippa carrying the Knomo bag for your reference:

pippa middleton knomo

Immediately I fell in love with Knomo’s whole range and I really really wanted one for uni & for when I start work! I mentioned this to them back in May when they told me Pippa carried their bag, saying: ‘thanks for letting me know, I may have to treat myself to a pink bag later in the year.’  (Those who know me through our Facebook page will remember that I’m a poor student about to graduate and find a job!)

Anyway, a few weeks ago Knomo emailed me again asking if I’d like two laptop bags to review on this blog!!  Naturally I said a very big YES PLEASE!   They very kindly sent me the black one that Pippa carries and a gorgeous purple sleeve with fake fur on the inside (very swanky)!  So here’s my review!

pippa middleton laptop case

I spent most of my time using the black case (in the photos above), which is the Slim laptop sleeve with handle.  Aside from being more practical (this one had a carrying handle, the purple one didn’t) I loved it because it’s the same as Pippa’s (of course!)

I used it in the final weeks of writing my dissertation to cart my laptop to and from university, plus I used it for a weekend trip away at my Mother’s house.   At first, I wondered if it’d be big enough to fit my laptop, charger AND some extras.  My last laptop case was a large pink one that I used to fill up with all the paraphanalia associated with computing – memory sticks, computing books, cables, chargers, etc… However, it actually not a problem as I managed to slot in the charger AND two uni books.  The bag is deceptively big!

The laptop bag is surprisingly comfortable to carry (I have a 20 minute walk from uni) and it appears to be very, very well made.  You don’t feel like the strap clasp will break or snap from the weight of the laptop, which is reassuring!

My only concern with the bag is if it’s waterproof?  I rarely carry mine outside anyway (perhaps only from my car to the house) so it shouldn’t be a concern for me  But if you need to carry yours around campus or the city all day long, it may be best to ask Knomo this first (especially if you live in the rainy United Kingdom!!!)

[schema type=”review” url=”” name=”Knomo Laptop Bag” rev_name=”Knomo Laptop Bag as seen on Pippa Middleton” rev_body=”Really sturdy, deceptively big enough to carry cables, chargers, dongles etc and very pretty. Not sure if it’s waterproof.” user_review=”4.5″ min_review=”0″ max_review=”5″ ]

I sadly didn’t take a photo of the second case, a purple quilted laptop sleeve, but I have used it plenty of times.  It’s nice just to sling it in the sleeve and put in the car, on the seat if you’re just popping somewhere quickly.  At somepoint I’m going to see if the sleeve fits in my Modalu Pippa handbag – because that’d be like a dream come true!

The purple case is lined with fake silver fur and felt really luxurious!

My mum borrowed the case for two months, she used it to carry her laptop to and from work.  She said:

“The bag is well made and of good quality. I like the funky upbeat design. It feels good to hold, a little bit of luxury in the hand and the colour is wonderful, as it’s not the usual black functional colour normally associated with laptop cases.”

I can no longer find the purple case online, but I can certainly recommend you look at others on the site.

[schema type=”review” url=”” name=”Knomo Laptop Sleeve” rev_name=”Purple Furry Knomo Laptop Sleeve” rev_body=”A luxury, hard wearing case. I would have preferred a handle and a leather exterior – but the case is still great.” user_review=”3.5″ min_review=”0″ max_review=”5″ ]

I can see why Pippa chose Knomo, the bags are great quality, practical and hardwearing, yet ultra girly too!


  1. I bought the Knomo bag a month or so ago from the US Apple website. It’s definitely well-constructed, sleek and stylish. A rave from me, too:)

  2. Rave review from me as well here in sunny Sydney…. The Knomo bag is stylish, well made and great to carry. I don’t use mine for a laptop, instead I use it to carry my notebook and pens between buildings for meetings. I also have several other bags that Pippa owns and I have to say that girl sure knows a good bag!!

  3. Would the 15 inch bag be too big for my 13 in. laptop? I’m thinking about sizing up yo have extra room for my charger etc.

  4. Do you know where are from the earning?? on the first picture ( with the little heart)

  5. I am in Toronto, Canada and contacted Knomo about purchasing their bag and cited this blog – you should get credit for their sales. Despite the fact that I love Pippa’s fashion taste, I wouldn’t have thought to jump on their website were it not for your review.

    Lucky for me, I am travelling to New York in October so will be purchasing the Lola bag at their New York store.

    • Thanks for your kind words, but I’m more than happy with the two bags – I use them A LOT and I really really wanted one anyway.

      Now if I could only get Modalu to let me review a Pippa bag 😉

  6. Is this for sure the one Pippa has? I’ve never seen the outside pocket in any of the many pictures they have of her carrying it. There is an identical one on their site without the outside small pocket, and it seems that is the one she carries… only it is only available in the UK.

    • That said, I went ahead and ordered the one that you show in the picture (with the pocket on front) because I actually like it better! It’s sooo cute. By the way, I LOVE your blog! Thanks for all of the goodies you share about Pippa’s fashion!