Pippa Middleton’s arse more searched for than her dress!

Today, Malcolm Coles wrote a blog post explaining that people in Britain are searching for the phrase “Pippa Middleton arse” at 72% of the volume of those looking for “Pippa Middleton dress.”  The data was collected from the Google Insights tool.

According to Coles, interest in Pippa’s dress has peaked but searches for her ‘arse’ are still rising.

Pippa became an hit online as she appeared at Westminster Abbey wearing the figure-hugging white dress, designed by Sarah Brown from Alexander McQueen.

Instantly fan pages began to appear on Facebook, with thousands of people ‘liking’ groups such as the ‘Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society.’

Malcom Coles Data Pippa Middleton Arse Dress

Credit: Malcolm Coles


  1. Love her and loooove that dress ^^

    • Yeah her white bridesmaid dress was GORGEOUS! I can see many brides wearing similar numbers for their big days!