Pippa Middleton wears red tartan miniskirt & cropped jacket PLUS will she be interviewed on Barbara Walters’ show tonight?

Today in London Pippa was photographed on her way to work smiling and looking very festive (and not to mention cute) red tartan skirt.  She paired the skirt with her trademark sunglasses, a black cropped jacket, her Russell and Bromley “Charge It” boots and her trusty black Modalu handbag.

Let’s take a look:

pippa middleton red skirt

We’re not sure where Pippa’s skirt is from just yet, though the combination of the red checks and buckle detail does remind me of this Alexander McQueen skirt I found on ShopStyle.com:

Clearly it is different to this skirt – perhaps just a very similar design from a “high street” shop?  We’ll try and find out and will update you when we know.  At this moment in time I’m not sure if we’ve seen Pippa’s cropped jacket before, and if so, where it may be from – I’ll have to scour the archives and will update once I’ve done so.

Pippa to give an interview on Barbara Walters’ show tonight?

NYMAG.com reports that Pippa Middleton has made Barbara Walters’ list of 2011 “Most Fascinating People”.   The article, which can be read here, implies that Pippa will be giving an interview on the show tonight:

“So get prepared to overanalyze Pippa’s response to the inevitable line of Prince Harry–themed questions, and expect some proper British bashfulness when the subject of her butt comes up.”

It’s the first we’ve heard of Pippa giving an interview and we do hope it’s true!  However, I think it’s far more likely that it’ll be semi-famous people who have a weak connection to Pippa or the Royal Family who are doing the “overanalysing”, which is all too often the format of these types of shows!

We’ve contacted Barbara on Twitter to see if she can confirm or deny Pippa’s appearance on the show, but she is yet to reply.

Tune in and see for yourself tonight, December 14th on ABC – 9,30pm ET.  As I don’t have ABC in the UK, if you’re watching it you’ll have to let me know if Pippa does give an interview!  Thanks!


  1. One of my favorite looks of the year for her. This is young and fresh and looks great!

  2. jek from OH says:

    We’re going to hear “Pippa Speak”? Can’t wait! No, really, I love her and will be watching this evening. Thanks.

    • Well that’s what the NYMAG website infers in that quote I put… I don’t know for sure! I couldn’t see it myself but can’t wait to find out!

  3. Apparently, it is not so cold in London.
    A very fresh and youg style.

  4. Just a curiosity question….is the weather in London normally pretty mild this time of year? None of Pippa’s coats seem very heavy or that they would provide a lot of warmth. And one several occasions she is just in a long sleeved dress or a very light jacket. And since she seems to walk to work each day, it must not be overly cold. Just wondering……

    I like the look. Young and perky.

  5. Pippa will not be interviewed on the show she just made Walter’s list.

    Her outfit looks so hot and lovely! So nice to see Pippa smiling and looking happy it must be so hard some days with the paps.

  6. Does anyone know the make / model of Pippa’s sunglasses in these pics? Have searched the site to no avail, but I need to know- they’re awesome!

    • I’m rubbish at sunglasses (never wear them, never been into designer sunnies!) but I believe these are by Chanel. I had a close up of them on here somewhere and could see a CC logo.

  7. But this is not the skirt. it’s similar but nit the same and very expensive…there will be an alternative cheaper

    • I wrote that it reminded me of this famous McQueen skirt- not that it’s the exact one!!! I said it could be a high street copy – but I can’t find it exactly!

  8. Does anyone feel like her skirts are really short for work??

  9. Samantha Bee says:

    Does anyone think its a dress instead of a skirt and top? The part where the top and the skirt meet are very smooth almost as if they are joined together.