Pippa wears grey Reiss Eden trench in dreary, dull London

Today Pippa re-wore her grey Reiss Eden trench coat out in London, along with some silver earrings, a black fur stole, sunglasses, her Modalu Pippa bag in oyster croc, black opaque tights and black ankle boots!

Let’s take a closer look:

pippa grey mac

Pippa’s Trench Coat:

The double breasted coat is made by Reiss, out of a lightweight linen mix fabric, and it has buttoned epaulettes, long sleeves, button cuffs, belt loops and front button pockets.

On their website Reiss acknowledge that Pippa is a fan of the grey mac.  They also describe the mac as a “trench coat with a contemporary spin”.

If you’d still like this coat for yourself, you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s still available on the Reiss site in sizes extra small, small and large with over £70 off the original asking price.   Yep, this coat is in Reiss’s fabulous sale!  It now costs £171 instead of £245.

pippa grey mac




  1. Didn’t realize the Mac was two toned. Definitely cooler than I originally thought!

  2. Not as keen on the Mac personally, but that doesn’t take anything away from how great she looks. Wish I could look so effortlessly smart in the morning! Ooh and found some cheap alternative black boots-obvs not hers though. http://www.boohoo.com/restofworld/footwear/boots/icat/boots/new-in-footwear/tia-suedette-calf-length-boots/invt/azz71197.

  3. Are those the boots she wore to London Fashion Week? Ps LOVE your site…could you maybe do a little summary post on all the outfits she has worn to weddings this year? People keep saying how she has been to about 10 weddings, it would be great to see a line-up of the different looks! x

  4. Thought I’d pass along my thoughts on the boots- i found these pictures which might help to ID the boots http://www.zimbio.com/photos/Pippa+Middleton/Pippa+Walks+to+Work+2/6MRUADzjwBg it’s the few either side of it. They seem like they might have different material on the heel to the boot, also side zip and a faux lace up detail that kind of sweeps to the side from the back of the boot.

    • I can see part of your facebook page without need for log in name- and saw that you suggested it might be a buckle, I think that is just where the two lace ends are hanging they appear to have a silvery aglets, hope this helps 🙂

  5. If the stole is fake fur, I’d love to have that.

  6. It makes me sick that pippa wears fur. So inhumane.

  7. Hi there
    the Eden trench is not quite the one Pippa is wearing??!!
    at least it look different to me. Hers has a leather pocket flap and some other leather details.

    • Hi Luna, Reiss have confirmed it’s the same coat and if you look closely you can see both Pippa’s and Reiss’ trench have the same darker detailing in the middle panel and pocket flaps. The Reiss image is a bit ‘washed out’ so you can’t see it very well and the Pippa image seems to have a brighter, better contrast – probably due to lighting or the photographer using photoshop – so you can see it more clearly.

  8. cool thanks
    like the trench a lot

  9. It’s been quiet on this site…just wanted to confirm that the fur stoles Pippa has been wearing recently are faux fur, to defend her choices. I was looking at Suzannah’s site this evening for fun, and saw that they had posted on their blog a couple times that Pippa bought their faux fur stoles, and they look exact. This is they grey one.

    • Thanks for this, I didn’t know. This is great news 🙂

      • hi sammy and admin,
        that is great that this particular outfit is faux fur but it is well known and documented in photos that pippa wears real fur ( kate has too) and I hope and pray that pippa is starting to change and get educated on the inhumane practice and hopefully changes her clothing practices. This is a great step in the right direction!

  10. She wore the brown faux fur one with the Damson coat…