Pippa to publish party book? Miss Middleton to share secrets on how to be the perfect party hostess

According to The Daily Telegraph, Pippa has signed a cheque for £400,000 to publish a book on party hosting.  The Daily Mail report that David Godwin, Pippa’s literary agent, finalised the deal last week with Michael Joseph, who are an “imprint of Penguin books”.   We have contacted David Godwin on Twitter to confirm or deny this story, but they are yet to reply.

Pippa’s party planning qualifications:

Of course, Pippa is overly qualified to write a book on party planning.  Having studied English Literature at university, Pippa went on to work as a party planner for London-based events company Table Talk.  Her family also run the Party Pieces website and Pippa edits their online party magazine called The Party Times.   Additionally, it was reported that Pippa arranged the Royal Wedding reception, it is likely that her experience from this proved attractive to potential publishers.

pippa middleton book

Pippa on her way to the Royal Wedding reception party, which it is said she organised.

What would Pippa’s book contain?

We’re not sure what Pippa’s book would contain, but of course we can speculate!

In summer 2010, Pippa gave an interview to First Eleven Magazine, a magazine for parents of children at independent schools, sharing some of her top tips for running a Children’s party.  Pippa discussed who to invite, what to cook and how to keep organised.  We’re sure that similar tips will be included in the book.

According to The Telegraph, the book will include “recipes, anecdotes and details of how to throw a range of different type of event”.

When will Pippa’s book be published?

The Telegraph report that Pippa will wait until after the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee before publishing her book.  She doesn’t want people to think she is making money off of the back of her connection to the Royal Family.  Therefore, it’s likely her book will be launched next autumn, just in time for Christmas! If this is true, it will be on my 2012 Christmas wishlist!

Would you buy Pippa’s party book?

Pippa fans hope the rumours are true and although I won’t be throwing any parties any time soon, I would certainly enjoy reading Pippa’s book.   Would you like to see Pippa publish a party planning book, and would you buy a copy? Let us know in the comments!


  1. I think it is fine for Pippa to write a book on any subject in which she is knowledgeable. She is not a member of the royal family and she and the Middletons do need an income. If a publisher thinks that Pippa will produce a book that will sell, more power to them. After all, Sarah Ferguson published a couple of children’s books although I don’t remember if she and Andrew were still married at the time. Would I buy Pippa’s book? I don’t know. Maybe if it is available in the U.S. I might buy it for fun. But whether or not I buy it, I wish her success.

  2. I would absolutely buy Pippa’s book. While I don’t plan parties very often, I would definitey need her advice in any future endeavors.

  3. congrats Pippa!why the hell not make some money off your fame. Go girl!