Pippa Middleton and Harry … Potter?

Rumour is that Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has taken a liking to Pippa after watching her perform her Maid of Honour duties at the Royal Wedding last weekend.

According to Showbizspy.com, one of Radcliffe’s pals said:

“Dan has an eye for the ladies and who could not notice Pippa on that wedding day? … Obviously Kate is spoken for now so maybe Pippa is on the look out for a high profile boyfriend of her own.  I know Dan would love to meet her.”

I wonder why this mysterious friend has come forward to tell the world Radcliffe fancies Pippa?  I’m guessing one of Daniel’s PR people is trying to cash in on Miss Middleton’s sudden surge in popularity…

Plus, isn’t Daniel too young for Pippa?

Which love story would you rather see play out:  Pippa and Prince Harry or Pippa and Harry Potter?  Let us know in the comments!