Pippa Middleton’s Outfits: Catch up

I have been away from the blog for two weeks, as I moved house and had no proper internet connection.  I’m back properly now, and have put together a bumper post of Pippa’s outfits from when I was away.

Here are all of Pippa’s outfits, in chronological order from the 1st of November, until today.

pippa outfits november

On the 1st of November Pippa wore her Tine Print Body Con Dress leopard print dress from Whistles, which you may remember she wore before shortly after the Royal Wedding.  Unfortunately, it was part of Whistles’ SS11 collection and it is now sold out.

Pippa carried her tan Modalu Pippa handbag, which matched with her tan belt and boots.  Over the top of the outfit, Pippa wore a black cardigan.

Pippa also wore a gold swirly pendant, which is as yet unidentified.

On the 2nd of November, Pippa opted for a grey duffel coat, which forms part of Fay’s Fall-Winter 2011/12 collection.  Fay describes the coat as an “A-line short coat in pied de poule print with two Fay hooks and a padded collar.” Many thanks to Kuznetsova Alla for identifying the grey coat.

A black dress can be seen poking out from under Pippa’s grey coat.  Additionally, Pippa is wearing a pair of black boots and carrying her black Modalu Pippa handbag.

Finally, Pippa finished her outfit off with a pair of silver ornate earrings, which have not been IDd as yet.

On the 3rd of November, Pippa once again wore a plain black dress, grey tights and black shin-high boots (they’re not the same as her Kate Kuba pair).  Pippa wore her blue Sara Berman jacket over the dress, which Facebook friend Chiara informs us is the Cleopatra dress from Tanya.  She also carried her black Modalu Pippa handbag and wore the same gold necklace from the 1st November.

pippa middleton outfits

On November 8th Pippa wore the same red Zara dress from early October.  It’s the “Zara Animal Print Dress” and costs £29.99.  Pippa wore the red Zara dress with a long jacket, brown knee-high boots and her black Modalu Pippa bag.

Pippa also wore her Vinne Day twisted leaf earrings.

On November the 9th, Pippa looked very sleek and smart wearing another Zara dress, this time with brown and black panels.  You may recall that Pippa wore this same dress back in October.  The dress costs £39.99.  You can see that Pippa’s tights have a fancy ‘criss-cross’ pattern.

I was informed from Facebook friends Shalini and Laura that Pippa’s bowling bag is by Loewe.  It’s the “Bolso Amazona” (or Amazon Bag) and it retails around £1,500.

Once again, Pippa wore her Vinne Day twisted leaf earrings.

On November 10th, The day after Sister Kate wore a long coat and belt in Copenhagen, Pippa stepped out in similar attire.  Pippa fans Laura and Michelle correctly identified the coat and belt as being by designer Suzannah.  Reps at Susannah informed Laura that the coat is not black, but “a dark wine tone called “Damson”.  The coat is made from wool and cashmere and costs £450.

Pippa carried the Loewe bowling bag and wore the Vinnie Day leaf earrings once again.

pippa outfits

November 15th saw Pippa in yet another Fay coat, IDd with thanks to blog regular Kiki.  Farfetch.com describe the coat as “army green”.  It features a small funnel neck collar, hood, shoulder patches, a darted waist, front flap pockets and leather strap detailing.  This coat is currently retailing at £889.00.  Once again, Pippa carried her Loewe bowling bag.

Today, November 16th, Pippa wore a purple Sonia Rykiel dress, which actually features a knitted jumper on top of a gently pleated skirt of the same colour.

Here’s a link to the same dress in grey on the Selfridges website:

Pippa Middleton Purple

Many thanks to Therese for sharing this with us on our Facebook page.

Misc News

Many stores have been printed regarding Pippa and her relationship status recently.  Personally, I think it’s Pippa’s business and we take most of the tabloid gossip with a pinch of salt.

Nevertheless, here is a round up of several news stories, mostly posted over at our  Facebook page, just incase you missed any.

Finally… If you’ve spotted something I’ve missed regarding Pippa’s outfits or in terms of news, please let me know in the comments.  Also let us know which of these 8 outfits YOU like the most.  My favourite is the leopard print dress and black cardigan I think!


  1. Love this post, I can’t believe how many things you IDed! Fay is not a brand I was familiar with, it’s fun catching up on all of the outfits. 🙂

    • Wasn’t me – all the lovely ladies on FB did all the hard work while I moved house!!! Thank you ladies!!

      I read this about Fay earlier, quite interesting:

      “Fay is a brand, part of the Tod’s group, created in the mid 80s with a product range of high quality casual wear. It is known for its quality craftsmanship, for the excellence of its materials, a meticulous attention to craft details and its high functionality without sacrificing style and quality. Fay products are wearable everywhere: from the stadium to the office, in urban areas and in the countryside. The line focuses on classic evergreen styles, continuously modified and refreshed with innovative and recognisably eye-catching design.”

    • Hi,
      See my post of 11/22 to find out more about “FAY” – Edward A. Fay

  2. she has a new haircut. It suits her very well, but it looks like kate’s one !

  3. My Modalu Pippa bag in Chili has FINALLY made it out of customs (after sitting there for 5 days!). I’m so excited I can hardly stand it!

    I agree on the relationship status, it’s her business (she has to be heartbroken if it’s true). I feel pulled in two directions however, on the one had I LOVE to see what she is wearing everyday and draw inspiration from it to fill my closet but on the other hand the poor thing can’t go anywhere with the paps following her…

  4. I must say that I actually really enjoy the fuschia shorts outfit! Not something I could pull off on a regular day, but hey, it works on her!

  5. Great, great post. I know a lot of people are confused about Pippa’s purple outfit, but i actually love it. To me it looks like she’s wearing a dress with a sweater over. I love the color and the gloves are a nice touch. Thanks for the credit on i.ding the Loewe bag 🙂 🙂

  6. Very very interesting post! I love Pippa’s outfits and I think the new haircut is very good for her: it gives her a sweeter look. I love the purple outfit..I just dont know how she can dress like this when it’s soooo cold. In Italy we’re freezing and I have to go out with a lot of clothes on :-((

  7. Hi there,

    I wanted to email you privately but couldn’t find your email address.

    Firstly, well done on the site! There’s something intriguing about Pippa’s wardrobe and the way she styles her outfits; it’s very polished! Your website encapsulates that perfectly – so congratulations!!

    I wanted to point out, if you haven’t already done so, that I believe this top Pippa wore a while back could be by Temperley London:


    It look a lot like this one on net-a-porter:


    Apologies if you have already id’d it!!


  8. Hi
    Love your website. Just thought you’d like to know that she wore a purple skirt today, not shorts. Here’s a link that shows it quite clearly:
    Thanks for such a big post!

  9. Welcome back. Moving is a chore. Can’t believe how much I missed the daily updates. I love the army green Fay coat with leather straps. I got a Modalu Pippa in shark and love it. Trying to decide between a toffee and a black so I can keep the shark for spring/summer.

  10. Think Pippa is wearing the Russel and Bromley heritage loafer today…

  11. Glad your back!! It was rough these past two weeks, your blog is one of my enjoyable “me time” escapes 🙂

  12. she looks gorgeous

  13. Just to set the record straight. “FAY” is my father. He started his label with the four hook “fireman’s coat” in the 1960’s in New England USA. He was a manufacturer’s rep. for a company in Boston which made real firecoats for real firemen. He later started making the duck canvas coats with the buckles and plaid removable liner after that. My father’s coats were sold mostly locally and over on Nantucket Island off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Della Valle saw the coat and our home address on the inside of the label. He showed up at the house and my mother let him in. What a mistake and one which changed our family forever. To make a long story short, Della Valle started importing my father’s coats and then sued him and the rights to his name and his label. After a long and costly court battle in the Italian courts, my father lost his rights to his name and his label along with a lot of his spirit. The stress this caused both my father and his partner really ruined two, honest, hard working family men. It’s so sad to see one man profit off of anothers name. And, so sad to see my father’s name used on a brand he had nothing to do with. I will always cherish my father’s honesty and hard work. Just my two cents. Nancy

  14. I LOVE the blue sara berman coat and the black dress!!!


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