Pippa wears Fay mac & Lamb 1887 beige handbag

Pippa looks chic today with her hair scooped up in a chignon bun, with what appears to be a hair pin securing it in place.  She is also wearing her Fay mac with beige trim piping, and is holding a new beige bag by Lamb 1887.

Let’s take a look:

pippa beige handbag

As you can see on the right, the Lamb 1887 logo is clearly visible.  It also appears that Pippa is wearing her suede Russell and Bromley boots and Vinnie Day heart earrings.  You can see two buttons poking out near her glove, indicative of the Tanya Cleopatra dress.  Pippa wore the purple version of this dress yesterday.

The beige handbag is called the ‘Verona’ and it retails at £220 on the Lamb 1887 website.  If that sells out, you can also find it on VivaLaDiva.com for the same price.


  1. I love your site! Pippa has such great style and it’s so fun checking each day to see what she has come up with now!
    Question for you–in your opinion, do you think that Pippa is gifted much of the clothing that she wears by the labels since they know the amount of coverage it will receive? Based on the prices and the variety of dresses and coats she owns, it would seem hard to believe that the salary of a part-time party planned would afford her such items!

    • Isabelle, I think that’s a big YES – She wears Tanya a lot (and is a friend of the company), she wears Modalu bag in loads of colours (which they admit to gifting her after the royal wedding), and Lamb 1887 sent out a press release after she wore their last handbag… made me think it was gifted… Ri2k – I’m certain – gift her all those bags too (even if she purchased the 1st one). Same with Project D – I think they’re gifting. My senses say that I think the R&B shoes are purchased by her, as we saw her in the shop & some are quite old.

      Zara don’t engage in any marketing/etc so won’t gift her items. I bet Temperley perrrhapss ‘lend’ her dresses.

      Considering how many Fay coats she has, yep, I’d say they’re gifting them to her, after she wore the 1st one.

      Sorry for the rushed post!!

  2. she looks lovely. love the bag and everything in between.

  3. There are earrings at Forever 21 that are similar to Pippa’s. For the price it’s not a bad option


  4. I loved her hair and ear rings, a nice change! And I also loved coming across your website, for I take Pippa as my main model and inspiration when it comes to style too…she is great change of pace from the USA red carpet based influences. 😉

    • I totally agree with you Melinna. It is so refreshing to see Pippa (and Kate) dress very stylishly w/o looking inappropriate or skanky like a lot of Hollywood celebs or wanna be celebs like Kim Kardashian, et al. Pippa dresses very nice and has great taste. I love that both she and her sister wear a lot of affordable styles and don’t just patronize high-end designer stores.