Pippa looks glam in black Zara coat

Pippa chooses to wrap up warm in the wool coat from Zara, and who can blame her!  It’s so brisk at the moment in the UK!  Brrr!

Pippa is also wearing a goldish/tan and black scarf.

Let’s take a closer look:

pippa black coat

Here at Pippa Fan Blog HQ we’re loving this Zara coat and longing for next week, when we’ll be moving to a city with a Zara in it!! Wahoo!

As mentioned above, Pippa is wearing a Zara coat, specifically their Wool Coat with Zips.  SORRY, As Ashley and Michelle have correctly pointed out, Pippa is wearing the near identical “Coat with Leather Edging“.

Pippa Middleton Black Coat

As for Pippa’s boots – and many of you ask me regularly – we’re still unsure.  They’re NOT Chanel, as previously thought (I purchased a large version of a pic of her shoe from behind and it is not the Chanel logo underneath.)  I will make some enquiries.  However, the boots look fairly old and worn,  so it may be worth finding some good alternatives?  I’ll keep looking & please post some here if you find them!

Pippa’s scarf (yet another animal print) looks like it could be another Alice by Temperley (click here to see), though we’re currently unsure and debating it on our Facebook page.  Click here to get involved!

I’m not convinced, what do you think?  Is it?  Isn’t it?

pippa scarf

We’ll be back with more updates later!


  1. Are you sure she’s wearing the wool coat with zips? The ‘coat with leather edging’ is very similar and I think might be what she is wearing. On the website you can tell the wool coat has a subtle pattern to it. The one Pippa is wearing appears more solid…it seems tricky to chose to me. Love your site and check it daily!

  2. Wow, does this girl have a fabulous wardrobe or what? Wonder if she’s struck a deal with some of the manufcturers to get free clothes (not that she can’t afford them on her own.) But it would be well worth it for the manufacturers since they are getting so much publicity just by her wearing their product. Wonder if she ever wishes she could just go out in a ratty pair of sweatpants or something similar. She has to know she’s being photographed every time she steps out her door.

  3. I´m not sure but I think she doesn´t wear temperley scrarf,, the print and the colors aren’t the same

  4. Looks like the Temperley scarf is an alternative. The pattern is different, as the spots on her scarf have more taupe and larger taupe edging where it’s been wrapped.

  5. she looks fabulous. wish I had her money so I could buy clothes like this 😉

  6. Samantha Bee says:

    http://www.alicebytemperley.com/shop/accessories/ada-scarf_7869 could it be this scarf? I came across it today and wanted to share