Pippa looks casual in green

Today Pippa looks very comfortable and casual wearing her green Fay coat, black checked Maje shirt and light stonewash denim jeans.

You’ll also notice that she’s wearing those mystery boots, which we first saw her wear yesterday, plus she’s carrying her Loewe Amazona handbag, wearing Vinnie Day earrings and is wrapped up in a gorgeous green scarf.

Let’s take a look:

pippa green coat

Let’s take a closer look at Pippa’s Fay coat and Maje shirt.  The coat costs around £869 so it’s an investment piece that will last for years!  Thankfully, this shirt is cheaper, on sale for $143.50 down from $205.00.

checked shirt green coat

We’re yet to ID Pippa’s boots and scarf, but will update here when we do.

Modalu Relaunches Toffee bag:

I’ve just got word that Modalu have relaunched the Toffee on their site today.  If you’d like this colour, make sure you visit the site quickly, as I remember it was a very popular colour last time round.


  1. Aren’t those boots from Minnetonka?

    • Verrrrry interesting! I can see why you think that! I can’t see the exact ones on the site though – could be a past season?

  2. Hi, not sure if you realise (and it isn’t a big issue!) but her coat is the smaller version of Montgomery as it has the detachable hood- I don’t think the one pictured hood comes off (in my opinion only!).This is without doubt my favourite coat, and I love that she is wearing leather gloves, she looks so lady like x

    • I like the longer version better. It would go with pants or dresses. If Pippa’s cost over 1,000 USD, I’m sure the longer version is substantially more expensive. 🙁

  3. These are a super close match to her booties http://www.chemical-records.co.uk/sc/servlet/Info?Track=MOCCAS

  4. Any idea about the gloves?

    • Not sure about the gloves. The ones on the website look suede while Pippa’s look like a cloth shell with perhaps Thinsulate lining. However you guys are so good about ID’ing everything I’d never discount your opinions.

      • I agree they do look more suede but it says leather, I don’t know- gloves are quite difficult to get!!! As you can tell for me-slow day at the office!!!!

  5. Hi,

    I am pretty sure Pippa is wearing Jack Rogers “Little Nell” faux fur boot in Cappuccino suede.

    A few pictures:

    You can find it here:

    It’s also on sale on MY HABIT (.com) until TUE JAN 10 at 9 AM PT.