Pippa in purple jacket & pink jeans…

(…though not at the same time!)

This is a bit of a bumper post with two of Pippa’s recent outfits and a couple of IDs on her jewellery.

You’ll notice that there’s quite a contrast in her outfits from the past two days.  Yesterday (left, purple jacket) she looked really elegant and for me, this look was a big hit.  Today, (right, pink jeans) she looks younger and edgier – but I’m not a huge fan.

What do you think? Let’s take a look. 

Pippa's purple jacket and pink jeans

Left (Tues 10 Jan) – Pippa is wearing her black Tania Cashmere ‘Cleopatra’ dress (currently on sale for £199 but there don’t appear to be any sizes left online, unfortunately) and her wedge boots from Zara (also on sale at £39.99, but no black left, only brown in UK size 3.)

Pippa’s purple jacket from Ralph Lauren (thanks to Kiki for the ID) and as you probably know by now, that is her Alice by Temperley Panthera Scarf (also on sale for £41.24).

Pippa Middleton Purple Jacket Pippa Middleton Scarf

Right (Weds 11 Jan) – Pippa’s black boots remain a mystery to us but we know her shirt is by Maje (currently on sale for $102.50) and her jacket by Zara.  Her jeans are by SuperDry (IDd by Tiffany M on our Facebook page).  They currently retail at £59.99.

Check shirt  

We’re not sure about her handbag from both days as of yet!

Pippa’s hair:

With love her hair on both days, on Tuesday a small front section has been twisted and secured back, and on Wednesday it’s pulled back in a high sleek ponytail.

Pippa’s Jewellery:

pippa middleton flower earrings

A few days ago Pippa wore a pair of gold and blue flower shaped earrings.  Our friend Anna over at My Small Obsessions IDd the earrings really quickly!  They seem to be Kiki McDonough’s blue topaz earrings from the ‘Florence’ collection.

Anna also alerted me to another ID on, this time one made by Danielle F, a visitor to her Facebook page.  Remember the long silver necklace Pippa wore a few months back?

If not, here’s a refresher:

pippa silver necklace

It’s by Patrick Mavros.  The tiny round elephant pendant charm is called the ‘Zozo’ and the quirky round ball is called a Pangolin.   Both charms are available on the Patrick Mavros website for £230-250; the charms are handcrafted in Zimbabwe.

What’s interesting is, Pippa’s sister Kate also has a few pieces by both Kiki McDonough and Patrick Mavros – both girls must be fans of their jewellery.


  1. love the purple jacket, absolutely abhor the pink jeans. they are beyond heinous.

  2. I love the colored jeans trend (in fact, wearing purple jeans now) but i think a color this bright needs to be styled particularly well to work. My biggest issue is the boots – poor match. Same outfit with flats or knee high boots? Yes. I like the checked shirt, but a solid black would have also worked well under the blazer. I appreciate her taking risks, though – you’re right; the 1st outfit is a hit but it’s also very safe.

  3. Ah thanks for the credit 🙂 I do think she looked absolutely lovely yesterday. I do feel sorry for her with all the press hounding though-sunglasses are a must! And today- well I can see from the facebook tab at the side here that you’ve found the make now-I really would not have put her as a Superdry kind of girl

    • No problem, I always try and ID you… I often say on Facebook ‘blog commenter Kiki says it could be this one…” hehehe. I assume you’re not on Facebook? (I think I remember you saying this?)

      Yeah when I saw Superdry I thought….”SUPERDRY????”

      I’ve just updated the post to include them. Just would like to find Pippa’s boots now too.

  4. her style has never really done anything for me. i’m sure she’s a lovely person, but i think her style icon reputation is not deserved .

  5. Love the jacket but also hate the jeans. They look like something to wear to a bar instead of to work. But since her family owns the business and it is kind of an artsy career, perhaps it isn’t so out of place. I’d hate having everyone scrutinize every outfit I wear but sure love seeing pictures of Kate and Pippa!

  6. This particular look with the pink jeans doesn’t exactly work, but I would love to see her style them in a different way. She looks great in anything, so I’m sure she can make it work!

    Obviously, the look on the left is chic and beautiful!

  7. For those of us stateside, can someone fill us in on superday. Never heard of it. thanks.

  8. Hi. Recent follower from Spain. Congratulations for your amazing blog and thank you for your updates! I agree with you. Yersterday look was much better than the one for today. I love red jeans, but not the one she wears. I also agree with the comments about the boots…another shoes would have improved the outfit. But Pippa’ style is much better than the one from other “it girls”, like Alexa Chung…I cannot understand why she deserves the “it” name. She looks always terrific, in my opinion

  9. I love that Ralph Lauren jacket… I found a cheaper one also by RL but in a lighter shade and wanted to share! The purple wool of Pippa’s jacket is to-die-for, though… http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=12014541

  10. Those jeans are heinous, especially with the blue seams. They would look much better in a thicker material (those look thin and painted on) and sans the blue dye seams.

  11. What the hell was she thinking. Those pink jeans are hideous


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