Pippa in London today & a few extra tidbits…

First up in today’s post is a glimpse of Pippa out in London today.

Looking glam in highstreet labels, Pippa wore her black lace H&M dress with her Zara coat.  In true autumn style, Pippa paired her dress with black opaque tights.

Here’s a look at Pippa today:

pippa middleton brown boots

You’ll also notice that Pippa is wearing a pair of brown boots, the same boots as she was spotted wearing earlier this year in May, just a couple of weeks after the Royal Wedding.

We’re still not certain if that’s the tan or toffee Modalu Pippa handbag.  What do you think?

Pippa’s Beulah Scarf:

A quick update about the charity scarf Pippa wore from Beulah London.  The fantastic Julie (from our Facebook page) emailed Natasha from the company to discuss how to obtain the scarf.

If you’d like the same scarf as Pippa AND to help stop human trafficking at the time time, simply call up Beulah London on +44 (0)203 0101031 to place your order.

Two or three girls from the facebook page are already getting the scarf.  Let us know if you do too!

Pippa’s Vinnie Day Leaf Earrings

I received an email newsletter from Astley Clarke telling me about Pippa’s ‘Summer Goddess Twisting Leaf Creole Earrings‘ by Vinnie Day.  I’m told the design is available exclusively at Astley Clarke, so you won’t be able to find them elsewhere.  This may explain why people are having difficulties tracking the earrings down elsewhere, including overseas.  The earrings are £205 and are still in stock on the Astley Clarke website.  Click here to view.


Get 15% off all full price items until 24th December 2011.  Also, get free standard UK delivery on all orders, or free worldwide delivery on all orders over £150.  Simply enter the code PM15 at the checkout.  Save 30% off Pippa’s earrings. Click here.

A picture of Pippa in the earrings at the Boodles Boxing Ball:

pippa gold leaf earrings

Big thank you to Chiara and Anna for the ID on the Vinnie Day earrings.  Click here to view!


  1. Got my pippa toffee bag today, and honestly, it is a lot closer to the tan color than I expected. It is not as dark as the online photo, but more burnt orange like the tan. I think the way you could tell the difference between the two is to see how big the handle drop is.

  2. After some studying, I believe it’s her tan bag. The tan bag has different handles, similar to the shark (with the studs on the sides, as you can see in the photo), whereas with the toffee bag, the studs for the handles are on the front of the bag, and it’s a different handle.

  3. I’m wondering about the gold earrings she’s been wearing all week. Any clues about those?

  4. classy as ever pippa. beautiful!

  5. I also have the Pippa in Toffee, and the color compared to this picture of Pippa’s bag is almost IDENTICAL. I have seen others post about their “tan” Pippa’s that they ordered back in May – and some look lighter than the toffee Pippa out now. But in this pic – the bag she is carrying – color-wise – is very very very close to the current Toffee Pippa. It’s definitely a cognac orangey-brown – and it’s BEAUTIFUL. You seriously wouldn’t even know, but I agree about the handle length. My toffee Pippa has the longer handles, but you wouldn’t even know it. It does fit on your arm, but the handle isn’t as long as I thought it would be – so you can work it as a grab, just like hers – or throw it on your arm (which is very nice!)

  6. Ohohoho I have the exact same H&M dress! Originally bought it because it reminded me of Kate’s Erdem dress she wore upon arriving in Canada (where I’m from) and now Pippa is wearing it! Small world 🙂

  7. mariana silva says:

    i got the scarf, the girls at beulahs are really nice girls and i got my scarf super fast, and i live in madrid 🙂 oh yeah, the scarf is great too lol