Pippa looks a little grey…

We’re not sure if Pippa is matching her outfit to the weather or her mood today, but we still love her grey and black ensemble.

Over a plain grey dress, Pippa wear a cropped black and grey jacket, while holding her black Modalu Pippa handbag.

Let’s take a closer look:

pippa grey dress

We’re still not sure where Pippa’s pretty black shoes are from, but we’ll continue to hunt these down.  We’ll also continue looking for her grey cropped tweed jacket!

Get the look:

I’ve been scouring the web looking for Pippa’s jacket this morning, but haven’t found an exact match just yet.  However, these three alternatives were too good to not post up:

pippa middleton grey jacket

LEFT: This tweed jacket from BooHoo is only £20.  Unlike Pippa’s jacket, it does have beading down the front.  Great price though!

RIGHT TOP: This tweed jacket is by Phase Eight and it’s more expensive that the BooHoo version, costing £99.  It’s a good match to Pippa’s.

RIGHT BOTTOM: This grey jacket is by French Connection and it is the most expensive at £139.  *UPDATE* This currently on sale for £90!

Pippa Middleton Grey Jacket


This wool jacket by Mango is also VERY similar to Pippa’s.  I thought I’d share it because it’s quite a good price too, costing only £79.

It’s so similar in the neckline and pocket detailing that I thought it was ‘the one’ at first!




  1. I’m not very rich so I’m an ebay addict! Just typed in grey boucle jacket and there it was 🙂

  2. love the phase eight jacket! a bit pricey but…. 🙂

  3. But where’s the jacket from?

  4. There’s no way that eBay jacket can be the same as Pippa’s. The listing states the brand is “Apt. 9” which is a Kohl’s brand:)

  5. It does look very similar. It may be that she bought it a while ago, as nobody in England would know what brand it was etc so it really doesn’t matter. Kind of like when I go over to New York and shop at Century 21. Her family might have money but it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t watch her own- her flat and car were both parent bought! Anyway it’s another option for the great list so far 🙂

  6. Hi,

    I hope you are well.

    The dress Pippa is wearing under the jacket is the Tania cashmere Cleopatra dress in steel.

    If this could be credited that would be grately appreciated! I have been following your website and see that you have credited Tania many times before so thank you so much!

    Best wishes,

  7. I love that jacket! I think that some other American department stores also sell Apt 9. Can’t find the Mango jacket on the US Mango website, but they definitely have some stuff that looks like things Pippa would wear. Also, some nice looking animal print foulards, including this one: http://shop.mango.com/US/p/mango/outlet/animal-print-foulard/?id=36646257_09

  8. hey here she is wearing the same jacket but with a white lace dress these photos were taken nov 25, 2011