Pippa grabs Starbucks in London today carrying red bag by Ri2k

Thanks to Pauline who alerted me to a few pictures of Pippa Middleton in London today getting coffee:

pippa middleton red bag

Pippa is wearing a pair of grey skinny jeans, a lilac ‘peter pan’ style blouse (with a flared hem) and she’s is carrying a large red Ri2K tote bag.

Pippa’s grey jeans:

Pippa’s grey jeans are by Goldsign, and are the “Misfit” style in the colour of “ray”

See the jeans on Pippa from all angles here and compare to this pair on Austique.co.uk.  Yep, they’re the same pair!

Austique is on Kings Road in Kensington, London, an area where Pippa is regularly spotted shopping.

Pippa’s red handbag:

Pippa is definitely carrying this Ri2K leather lock front tote handbag.  The bag does looks different to the pictures above, as she is carrying it back to front.  However, you can see the front of the bag in this photo and you can see it has the same detailing as below:

Pippa Middleton Ri2K bag

Click here to view in more detail.

Both bags have the same clasps on the handles, a belt detail running around the bag and stitching detailing in the corners.

A Facebook message left to me on Ri2k’s page confirm the bag is the same:

Pippa Middleton Red Bag

I did ask if Pippa is carrying the above bag, but in a different colour and Ri2k said it’s the same bag.  Maybe the lighting is just off?  Or maybe they’re confirming it’s the same style, as the red of Pippa’s bag does look a little deeper?  Either way, this bag is still available for purchase, here.

Pippa is a fan of Ri2K bags, she owns a mustard yellow shoulder bag too.


  1. i’m kinda surprised she eats starbucks food.. she seems, nut really like a health nut, but very athletic, obviously, and fit. i don’t know about starbucks nutritional value. i guess she’ll just have to run an extra 10 miles.. hahaha

  2. Another new outfit!

  3. Caroline says:


    I love the lilac peter pan top Pippa is wearing! Any idea yet as to where it’s from?


    • Not yet, I’ve had a good look for it but I’m very tied up with time at the moment 🙁 boooo

      Please let me know if you find it!

      • Caroline says:

        No worries! I have had a look too but can’t find it anywhere! Will let you know if I do come across it! 🙂

  4. Caroline says:


    I am still trying to track down the lilac top but just came across a picture of it on this website…if you scroll down it’s a small image and you need to zoom in to see it properly, but it’s very out of date and has no brand details so perhaps it just looks similar?


  5. I am in love with the lilac top Pippa wore today. I have been looking all over on different websites today and cannot find it.. any help as to where it may be… Also, is there any other site where I could purchase a Modalu bag?