Pippa goes to Hollywood

This morning the Daily Star reports that Pippa may join sister Kate on her trip to California in June.

The paper is suggesting that Kate wants Pippa to be her senior lady-in-waiting during the trip.

A source close to the sisters told The Star that the tour will be daunting for Kate, so she wants somebody she can trust riding shotgun.

It is a lady-in-waiting’s job to collect gifts and flowers during walkabouts, and to be up to date with all the facts on people the couple are going to meet.

A palace aide warned that Kate may need somebody with more experience.  Plus, because Pippa is famous in her own right now, it could be a bit distracting.

What do you think, would you like to see Pippa as Kate’s lady in waiting?


  1. I have just read that Pippa has been asked to do an adult film. Why would anyone think that Pippa would do this? I imagine her family would have fallen out with her anyway but with the future queen as her sister! http://stylejacking.com/2011/pippa-middleton-offered-5-million-to-star-in-a-porn-film-tasteful/ Is this true?

    • I’ve read that a lot today too. I assume it’s true, in my opinion the porn company has asked Pippa as a PR stunt. Ask the world’s most popular/searched for/spoken about person right now and watch as the tabloids write about it – low and behold your company is splashed all over the internet… It’s a cheap stunt, but it’s obviously worked for them. They know that Pippa will reject it.