Pippa spotted at Edinburgh airport, on a shooting trip & more

It appears that Pippa has been in Scotland this weekend, enjoying a pheasant shooting trip with friends.  Today, pictures of Pippa emerged on the Daily Mail online website. She was at the Drum Estate in Glimerton, south of Edinburgh:

Pippa Middleton

According to the Daily Mail, the pictures (including the above) came from an Instagram account set to public, which allows anybody to view. In a second picture, Pippa is pictured with friends smiling and laughing as over 50 shot birds lie in front of the party. See that picture on the Daily Mail article here 

The pictures are too blurry to try and ID – but I do like Pippa’s comfy, warm orange sweater!

Prior to this, on Friday, Pippa was photographed leaving Edinburgh Airport with boyfriend Nico Jackson.  Pippa wore a white-cream cable knit sweater, a pair of black skinny jeans, a pair of grey snakeskin flats, a caramel coloured handbag and a biscuit brown cape.  View the pictures here .

With thanks to Pippa Middleton’s Style we know that Pippa was wearing yet another Max Studio cape – it’s actually the third one she’s worn this year so far!  Pippa’s shoes are the Jemima Vine snakeskin Edie flats.  She was also holding her Milli Millu Vienna handbag.

Finally, Hannah Burrows (@hannahburrows88 on Twitter) managed to snap this pic of Pippa in London on October the 2nd.  Pippa’s walking away from Hannah, and you can see she’s carrying her Milli Millu handbag.

Pippa Middleton candid pic in London

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  1. not a fan that she hunts but hopefully they will eat all they hunt and she isnt into trophey hunting.

  2. rotf -) daily mail rotated flipped sides of the original picture ( owner and copyright holder Greg see his instagram ) just for preventing not pay license fees ; furthermore they again abused the ” anti hunting theme ” ( usual exploit of Plebs & Prols fuelling enyy for cash in themselves ) instead ofl tetting us know who else attended the party ( ladies 1…n ) , revealing more at venue andlocations, as giving the real count ; as someone sure will not get an invitation next years event ; journalismin in Britain is really in rapid decay

  3. Does anybody know the brand of her hat in the picture with the orange sweater?

    • Nope, too generic to tell from such a blurry pic. If you’re after one, it could be one from the brand Kate wears: Really Wild Clothing co. That or Orvis or Barbour perhaps. Funny you ask this, as my other Pippa friends have just been discussing this on FB too *spppoooooky* hehehe that’s how I have an answer for u so quick!

  4. Considering Pippa does do charity events, she really needs to be more compassionate regarding animal rights. Hunting for sport is just cruel and unnecessary. I saw those pics of her, and it was shameful the way she and her friends were laughing with all the 50 plus birds at their feet. Also, wish she’d stop wearing fur.

  5. This is the best picture I’ve ever seen of her. I’ve almost got the sad ‘come play with me’ cockerspaniel look down. I hope she digs that one!