Pippa did NOT wear Tory Burch pumps…

So fashion fans, it looks like we’re all totally wrong:  Pippa was NOT wearing Tory Burch pumps outside of the Goring Hotel… Nor has she been spotted wearing the brand since the wedding (for example, during her night out in Paris).  The flat white ballerina shoes she is wearing are in fact by British designers Russell & Bromley:

Pippa Middleton Shoes NOT Tory Burch

If you look at the picture above, or click here to see a larger picture of Pippa wearing the flat white shoes, you can see that the logo is not Tory Burch (Two Ts, one upside down).  Instead, the logo looks like two Cs – one backwards.  It’s clearly the same as the logo on the shoes in the Russell & Bromley advert.


I contacted Russell and Bromley who thanked me for spotting that Pippa was indeed wearing a pair of their white shoes – so they are not Tory Burch.  The spokesperson confirmed that the particular style worn by Pippa are from the Spring/Summer 2010 collection, and told me that the shoe is no longer available for purchase.  However, the shoe from the 2011 collection is the same base but with an updated trim.

If you want to get hold of the shoe, you need to look for “1st Clasp” in “Ivory”.  This is the 2011 version of Pippa’s shoe:

Pippa Middleton White Shoes

Russell and Bromley don’t take orders online but if you want a pair of these lovely ballerina shoes call the R&B stockist line on: 020 7629 6903 or visit the website for a complete list of stores and their phone numbers.

Big thanks from the Sparrows and Sparkle blog for IDing the shoes and to the lovely people at Russell & Bromley for answering my questions 🙂

Images © Sparrow and Sparkle who screen captured the still from footage, Russell & Bromley, Tory Burch shoes.