Pippa braves the cold in beige t-shirt, leggings & leather jacket

Over on our Facebook page, we’ve been discussing two things at great length over the last few day:

One:  how is Pippa able to brave the cold winter weather in so little clothing (For example, Pippa was in a thin t-shirt, leggings and a cropped jacket yesterday, while I was bundled up in 2 jumpers, jeans, a scarf and thick wool coat!)

And two:  do we hate or rate the leggings look?  Lots of opinions on Pippa baring her famous behind in a pair of clingy leggings and a short t-shirt, which of course gave the paparazzi plenty of opportunities to snap away!

Let’s take a look:

pippa middleton leather jacket

For those interested in Pippa’s outfit today, the oatmeal colour t-shirt and leggings are to generic to ID.  Pippa’s bag is by Tabitha and it’s the Studded Stardust Bag.  If you’re after the bag I’m afraid it’s sold out, but you can still get Tabitha’s very similar gold and black Limited Edition Studded Stardust bag for £270.

As you may already know, Pippa’s leather jacket is by Whistles and it’s known as the “Francesca Quilted Leather Jacket”.  She’s worn it on several occasions previously.

We also love Pippa’s gold locket, but we’ve yet to identify it.


  1. I’ve wondered too about how she stays warm on her walk to work. Perhaps her apartment is near her office? Here in Illinois I need quite a heavy coat along with a heavy scarf (not for fashion) on my walks and Illinois is significantly further south than London. Is the weather there fairly mild this time of year since it is an island?

    As to Pippa’s leggings, I like the look on girls who are trim enough to wear them attractively and she (and Kate) is certainly able to do that. I wouldn’t do it myself because I’m too old and too heavy to pull off the look. Kudos to those who can!

  2. KristinRae says:

    I love this look on Pippa!

  3. It’s not work appropriate. That said, not really sure what type of work she does or what type of office environemnt she has, looks like she is a sole proprietor of the office that she opens where the paps follow her to every day.

  4. I really, really, really dislike the leggings look on anyone, even tall supermodel-types, because no matter how careful you are, cameltoe just happens, and that is a crime committed on anyone who happens to glance over! Pippa looks good, but a little more structure with skinny jeans or pants would look better and be more work-appropriate.

  5. perhaps they are not leggings , but what are referred to as ponte pants, pretty similar looking to leggings, but thicker and more substantial ..?

  6. Has she short legs?? It seams…

  7. not my favorite outfit not a fan of the jacket and yes not work appropriate

  8. I have to say, I love the leggings. When you’ve got a body like that, why not! The material seems thicker than your average leggings from high street shops.

  9. Does anyone know about that necklace she is wearing? It looks a bit like a locket, and I love it!