Pippa looks beautiful in blue & wears charity scarf

Today, Pippa was photographed walking around London in bright hues of blue.

She paired boots with a pair of straight-legged jeans and a bright blue coat with black pockets and black around the collar.

Pippa Middleton blue

Pippa’s coat is by Sara Berman, the same company as her leather jacket she wore out a few months back.

Pippa Middleton Blue CoatPippa Middleton Blue Jacket

The Sara Berman jacket is a “long tux style” with black velvet trim lapels and front pockets.  It’s made from 100% wool and costs £396.00.  (See the bottom of the post for other blue jackets you may love).  Click here to see the Sara Berman jacket on My-Wardrobe.com where it’s £1 cheaper than Sara Berman’s site!  (Thanks to OulyS for the ID!)

Pippa’s sunglasses are by Bvlgari, her boots are by Kate Kuba and her Scarf is by Beulah London.  (Thanks to Leila, Sarah and Chiara for the IDs!)

A bit about Beulah London:

Beulah London is the Collaboration of Lady Natasha Rufus Issacs and Lavinia Breenen who share a love of fashion and a “heart for social justice.”  The fashion label has ethical principles above and beyond most: their profits help women leave the India sex trade and work for the label in Calcutta making canvas bags instead.

Pippa is good friends with Katie Readman (the girl in the red dress with Pippa at the “Too Many Women” charity event, also two weeks ago).  Katie has just started working with the label’s founders, helping out a little closer to home too.  Katie has been quoted in the London Evening Standard as saying “Pippa would look beautiful in our dresses”.

Beulah London were the designers behind sister Kate’s dress for the recent ‘100 Women in Hedge Funds’ Gala at St. James Palace two weeks ago.  And if you if you followed the news surrounding that event, you’d know that Kate is very good friends with the owners of the company too, as is Prince William.  Lady Natasha married to Rupert Finch and both attended Will and Kate’s wedding in April.  Further, it is reported that Kate and Rupert once dated briefly during their time at St. Andrews.  It’s a small world!

The Daily Mail reported that Kate will not be allowed to be an official patron of the charity, although she may wear its clothing to help boost their sales.  Read more on that story here.

Back to Pippa’s scarf: Pippa’s scarf is Beulah’s ‘Blue Heart Scarf’, which is part of the ‘United Nations Blue Heart Campaign’.  For every scarf that is sold, a portion of the profits are donated to help stop human trafficking.  We know that Pippa’s Alice by Temperley scarf was really popular, with many rushing to buy it.  But if you really want to copy Pippa and buy something, consider this scarf, as you’ll be making a donation to charity too!

Similar coats to Pippa’s

Back to Pippa’s style now!  If you’re looking for a bright blue coat like Pippa’s, I’ve found two fantastic high street options that you might love.

Neither are exact matches, but I found them searching for Pippa’s blue coat and quite liked them myself!

Pippa Middleton Blue CoatSimilar Coat to Pippa Middleton


  1. I don’t know why but it reminds me of the Velvet trim Boucle Jacket kate brought from topshop in september except its longer . Could it also be from there?

  2. Okay Maybe not topshop , I think I found it ! Maybe from Sara Berman “Yvette velvet trim Jacket” 🙂

  3. What a beautiful coat! Good find OulyS! I looked for this coat for about an hour online, so thanks for Id’ing it! Thank goodness for CLASSY WOMEN like Pippa and Kate. I am from America and am so sick of the clothes celebrities wear here. Cover it up like the Brits.=)

  4. Nice outfit. I like the blue crystal on her sunglasses everything matches. she’s a little fashionista. 🙂

  5. i love so much this scarf

  6. This outfit is so beautiful. Her regal and put together style is what i love about her. I adore the blue coat and blue scarf together. The blue Bvlgari sunglasses are just perfection. It is nice to see her wear colored sunglasses and make them so wearable for everyday and look very glamorous.