Pictures of Pippa: lunch out in Paris, “gun-wielding” friends & then back to London!

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After spending Friday evening at Viscount Arthur de Soultrait’s period costume party, Miss Middleton was snapped by French paparazzi in the capital city on numerous occasions over the following few days.

Here’s a quick round-up of news and links for those in need a quick Pippa-fix!

Firstly, here’s a nice picture of Pippa sat on the corner of her friend’s throne at the costume party she attended on Friday.  I’ve included it in this round-up because I hadn’t seen the picture previously and thought you might not have too!

Socialite life then ran some photos of Pippa lunching with her friends (including Viscount Arthur) while out in Paris:

Pippa embroiled in gun-crime investigation?

There are also plenty of photographs in the stories surrounding today’s big story about Pippa, who sat in a car while a friend wielded what looks like a gun at a paparazzi photographer.

The Sun newspaper ran exclusive pictures of Pippa in the car with the gun, which has caused an uproar.

As Pippa sat in the front passenger seat of the car, the driver turns around and points what looks like a gun at the paparazzi photographer following them on a motorbike.

Pippa doesn’t look too impressed in the photos, unlike her friends who are smirking, and indeed, I am led to wonder what the next photos in the set look like?  Would she be discouraging the driver?  Let’s hope so, because in France the laws are quite strict and if Pippa did nothing to discourage the driver, she could even face arrest herself.  The Sun printed the following from a source on French law:

“If the evidence points to her involvement, she will be prosecuted. Anybody involved in the illegal use of a handgun in public is liable to arrest and interrogation.

The source confirmed that if the gun was REAL, brandishing it in a public place is punishable by up to seven years’ jail “for all parties involved”

Even if it was FAKE the maximum jail term is two years. The source said: “Certainly if you were in a car and knew somebody was using a gun to warn people off you’d be liable to arrest.”

The Daily Mail also have further photos from both the dinner and the “gun” situation on their website today.

UPDATE ONE:  It’s starting to look like the sensationalist headlines about Pippa being arrested, or at centre of probe due to gun may be just that – sensationalised.  Sky News Correspondent Paul Harrison confirms on Twitter that Paris police told the network that “no complaint has been made” to them, and that there is “nothing to indicate an investigation that would involve Pippa Middleton”

Interested to see how this story develops, or if nothing happens and it fizzles away…

UPDATE TWO:  The photographer following Pippa spoke out about the incident: 

We had been following Pippa since the beginning of the day. She was hyper cool, we even spoke with her and her friends. It was a fine day, and the atmosphere was truly very relaxed. When the diver pulled out his plastic pistol, it was for a joke, to amuse. A few minutes later, when the vehicle had parked, I was able to touch the plastic weapon which the driver showed to me. It was possible to see that it was the kind of thing you would find in a toy shop.”


Back in London:

Finally, Pippa heads back to London and is photographed getting into a taxi with her luggage.  You can view those pictures here.


  1. Thanks for this round up! So much to see, and it’s quite interesting this time!

    Pippa looks great next to all those other unemployed socialites. Guess I can see why she’s in demand by these guys, obviously the sharpest crayons in the box. Here in the US, you would be dead if you pointed a gun at someone like that, fake or not.

  2. very stupid insensitive act, waving that gun around. Hopefully Pippa is very ashamed to have been with that group

  3. It just shows you how manipulative the media can be. They hype a story just to give themselves something to talk about. I hope Pippa gets through this ok.


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