My signed copy of Celebrate arrived today!

Just a really quick post today. I wanted to share a few snaps of my signed copy of Pippa Middleton’s Book, Celebrate, which arrived today.  I purchased the book last Thursday from Foyles’ online shop:

Pippa Middleton Celebrate - Signed Copy

I’m not sure if the signed edition is still currently for sale:  the page keeps appearing and disappearing.  Good luck if you manage to snag a copy!



  1. I recieved mine yesterday. Love it! A lot of good tios, some might be basic but still really clever.
    I am longing for christmas now!

  2. you are a lucky girl to have gotten a signed copy :).
    i got mine but it’s not signed great book indeed.

  3. I am happy for you !
    I am still waiting my normal copy. Switzerland is the end of the world apparently.

  4. I got a signed copy this weekend as well! I wrote a review with some pictures here:

    I love that she just signed it ‘pippa’.

    I think it’s a good book that has been very well put together and she obviously worked really hard on it. I do think there isn’t anything groundbreaking in it and I don’t think i would have bought if it had been written by an unknown party planner. I think I’ll definitely use some of her tips though.

    I love your blog by the way…I’ve been reading since the beginning!