Mary Hare School announces that Pippa will help with fundraising

Today, a Berkshire charity announced that Pippa Middleton has decided to help with fundraising efforts for the charity’s school.

Pippa will assist the Mary Hare charity with fundraising for their school, which provides education and support to both profoundly and severely deaf children and young people from all over the UK.

Pippa Middleton Mary Hare

Images via Mary Hare

Mary Hare explains that Pippa came to learn about the school through a personal friend, and having seen first hand what Mary Hare achieves for young deaf people, she has decided to lend her support with fundraising.  No doubt her involvement will also help to raise the profile of the school in the media too, leading to additional donations from the public.

Speaking about Pippa’s involvement, Principal of the school Tony Shaw said:

“Mary Hare spends a lot of time and energy  finding new ways of telling families of deaf children about its work.  We really value Pippa’s support which will undoubtedly bring the School to the attention of a much wider audience.  I want every family of a deaf child in the UK to know about all the options for their child’s education, and that includes Mary Hare School”

Pippa has already started helping with fundraising efforts, she attended the School’s Christmas production of Mary Poppins in Decemeber, before attending a book signing at a local pub.  She donated 10% of profits from the book signing to the Mary Hare School.

Pippa also gave the following statement:

“It gives me great pleasure to be a supporter of Mary Hare and make a difference to the lives of deaf children. I wanted to help out, because this is a local charity close to my family’s home and I have been charmed by the inspiring children that attend, not least for their charismatic and heart-warming attitude to life. The Primary school’s performance of Mary Poppins last December was so charming, it brought a tear to my eye.”

We can’t wait to see how Pippa helps the charity in 2013!

Hat tip to our friend Natascia at Pippa Middleton’s Style for sharing this fabulous news with us!


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