Pippa steps out in gorgeous grey dress with black lace

Yesterday I was very vocal about Pippa’s pink jeans; I wasn’t sure they worked and I much preferred her look the day before.  However, she seems to have redeemed herself today.  Maybe we’ll let her keep the ‘Style Queen’ title.   😉

Today Pippa is wearing a grey and black lace dress, a long black blazer-style coat (in need of a better term!), her Russell and Bromley ‘Charge It’ boots and her Pippa bag in Oyster croc.

Let’s take a look:

pippa grey lace dress

Pippa’s dress:

pippa's grey lace dress

Elle, a member of our Facebook community, notes that Pippa’s dress is from Anthropologie, a very popular store in the US that can also be found in London too.  Anthropologie carry their own designs, plus designs from others and in this case, Pippa’s dress was designed by Fleur Wood.  The dress retailed for $158 and is made from silk.  Unfortunately it’s sold out.

On our Facebook page Sammy notes that Pippa is also wearing the belt from her Zara swan print dress.


  1. jek from OH says:

    Always adorable, but wow, is she ever attached to those boots!

  2. Lordy does this girl have a wardrobe or what? Much better than the pink jeans.

  3. I really like this outfit. The neckline on the dress is really pretty and interesting. I think the silvery-grey color is really pretty on her.

  4. this is a cute look, she looks like she enjoys what she wears, and she doesn’t try to dress all “hipster” (i don’t know how else to describe that look, y’know, when people dress all weird.. ) sorry blabbing
    i think sometimes coats that look like that are called “car coats?”

  5. I love this outfit!!

  6. We see her very often with an open coat in chilly London. Quite funny!

  7. Warning for anyone who has never been in an Anthropologie: you WILL have to look at everything and you WILL spend way too much money!!! It’s a great place full of quirky clothes. Unfortunately, I have one 15 mins away and I go way too often. They have housewares too.

  8. I love Anthropologie, have you seen this pic? http://www.zimbio.com/photos/Pippa+Middleton/Pippa+Middleton+Looks+Chic+London/zPXPH4uC7HI she looks so cute & happy. It must be so tough getting followed by photogs let alone creepy-yet I’m still nosey to see what she wears!Catch 22!!!

  9. Love that last photo of pippa!!! So cute to see her smiling like that.

  10. Hello!

    Do you know if Pippa bag in oyster croc is still available anywhere?

    I tried House of Fraser, John Lewis… it seems to be out of stock everywhere.

    Thank you and congratulations for the blog!

  11. Hi Everyone,
    A little bit of info about Fleur Wood, for those who are interested.
    Fleur Wood is an Australian designer, well known for beautiful, ladylike designs made out of luxurious fabrics.
    Australian readers, if they don”t already know, can purchase her lovely things at one of her boutiques in NSW or Victoria, or at David Jones. She also has an online shop.

    As for quality, I’ve owned a little slip dress for about 8 years now, and it’s still like new after heaps of use!

  12. Hi, you can find a very simmilar, but much cheaper dress, in pull&bear 2012 spring-summer collection:

    http://www.pullandbear.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/category/pullandbeares/es/pullandbear/29016/VESTIDOS?NEWCOLLECTION#/577002/VESTIDO ENCAJE ESCOTE ESPALDA

    Hope you enjoy it!