Earnings Disclaimer

As I’ve always made clear, this site does generate a small amount of revenue.  Most of this is reinvested in the licensing fee for my images (£500 per year) the massive cost of hiring a VPS server to handle all the traffic I get (£600-800 per year) and other costs too, such as the outlay cost from purchasing the Genesis framework for WordPress ($60) the theme this site runs on ($30) and so on.

As such, I do choose to add adverts to my site – just to make it all that bit more affordable and realistic to keep the site up and running!  I am very selective with my adverts, I choose to only add nice looking adverts from brands Kate Middleton wears, that way they’re of interest and aren’t  too intrusive for my visitors!

As well as the adverts on the site, some outbound links are tracked by merchants too (such as Reiss, Asos, etc) who will pay me a small percentage commission on any sales that come as a result of visitors clicking from my site.  You’ll find this same practise on a HUGE range of sites: blogs, magazines and newspapers.  You can read more about these kinds of links in my cookie policy here.

I also get asked to review items from time to time.  I only choose to accept free review pieces from companies who I feel relate to Kate in some way, and as such, who my visitors would like to learn more about.  I will always give my honest opinion when reviewing and I wouldn’t accept a product if I was briefed what to write before hand.

If you want to learn any more, or find out how any of the above works, just contact me.