Pippa Middleton’s Clothing

If – like me – you’re a massive fan of Pippa’s clothing, you’ll probably love this section of our website. We document as many of Pippa’s outfits as possible. From shoes to dresses to tops, bags and more!

Please browse through our outfit archive below:

Pippa with chic up-do & brown gilet

I think Pippa looks very pretty out in London today; her hair is pulled back into a chic bun and she’s wearing a sort of burnt red/orange jumper underneath a brown wrap-around gilet.  The colours match her Loewe handbag perfectly. Pippa must be sticking with a colour theme at the moment after she opted to […]

Pippa steps out in style wearing a brown hat

Those in the UK will know it’s seriously blustery today and the weather is very changeable; this morning it was raining and hailing where I live, but this afternoon it’s slightly sunnier!  Pippa has prepared for the Great British weather by donning a brown hat, which helps to tame her long brown hair (why didn’t I […]

Pippa wears grey Reiss Eden trench in dreary, dull London

Today Pippa re-wore her grey Reiss Eden trench coat out in London, along with some silver earrings, a black fur stole, sunglasses, her Modalu Pippa bag in oyster croc, black opaque tights and black ankle boots! Let’s take a closer look:

Pippa looks casual in green

Today Pippa looks very comfortable and casual wearing her green Fay coat, black checked Maje shirt and light stonewash denim jeans. You’ll also notice that she’s wearing those mystery boots, which we first saw her wear yesterday, plus she’s carrying her Loewe Amazona handbag, wearing Vinnie Day earrings and is wrapped up in a gorgeous […]

Pippa wraps up for winter in grey fur gilet & cute brown ankle boots

Pippa must be feeling the cold today, as she’s wrapped herself up in a grey fur gilet (we’re not sure if it’s real or fake, but she was spotted shopping at The London Fur Company back in September). Let’s take a look:

Pippa braves the cold in beige t-shirt, leggings & leather jacket

Over on our Facebook page, we’ve been discussing two things at great length over the last few day: One:  how is Pippa able to brave the cold winter weather in so little clothing (For example, Pippa was in a thin t-shirt, leggings and a cropped jacket yesterday, while I was bundled up in 2 jumpers, […]

Pippa Middleton wears red tartan miniskirt & cropped jacket PLUS will she be interviewed on Barbara Walters’ show tonight?

Today in London Pippa was photographed on her way to work smiling and looking very festive (and not to mention cute) red tartan skirt.  She paired the skirt with her trademark sunglasses, a black cropped jacket, her Russell and Bromley “Charge It” boots and her trusty black Modalu handbag. Let’s take a look:

Pippa in blue raincoat & Beulah London scarf

Today Pippa stepped out in London in a blue double-breasted raincoat with metallic buttons by Ted Baker.  She also wore a blue and beige heart print scarf by Beulah London, her black Russell and Bromley “Charge It” boots and her black Modalu handbag. Let’s take a closer look at her outfit today: As you can see, Pippa also wore […]

Pippa looks wonderful in black & white dress today

After all of the excitement of her friends’ wedding at the weekend, Pippa was back to reality this morning, seen on her way to work wearing a very chic black and white peter pan collared dress. Let’s take a look: Pippa’s black & white dress: Pippa’s dress is by Suzannah, a designer we’ve seen Pippa wear […]

Pippa attends her seventh wedding of the year!

During the weekend Pippa attended her seventh wedding of the year in Melton, Suffolk where two of her friends from Edinburgh University were ‘tying the knot’ . Pippa wore a creamy beige coat with coordinated grey/silver accessories: Pippa’s outfit: Pippa’s coat forms part of Katherine Hooker’s coat collection; it is known as the contrast coat, costs […]

Pippa Middleton: Outfits from Nov 29th to Dec 9th

Hello, apologies for the lack of updates AGAIN!  But I promise things are returning to normal gradually.  I’ve just had to upgrade the server to DOUBLE the size to accomodate you Pippa fans, so that meant I couldn’t update yesterday.  Prior to that I had fallen ill and I had taken on a lot of […]

Pippa catch up: Friday, Sunday & Monday

Here’s another round-up post.  Apologies for not being ‘on the ball’ for the last few weeks, hopefully, going forward I’ll be able to post as normal! Friday: I was at my graduation all day Friday and didn’t have chance to post any pics of Pippa that day…  So here we go! I haven’t purchased this […]

Pippa looks a little grey…

We’re not sure if Pippa is matching her outfit to the weather or her mood today, but we still love her grey and black ensemble. Over a plain grey dress, Pippa wear a cropped black and grey jacket, while holding her black Modalu Pippa handbag. Let’s take a closer look: We’re still not sure where […]

Pippa wears Fay mac & Lamb 1887 beige handbag

Pippa looks chic today with her hair scooped up in a chignon bun, with what appears to be a hair pin securing it in place.  She is also wearing her Fay mac with beige trim piping, and is holding a new beige bag by Lamb 1887. Let’s take a look: As you can see on […]

Pippa: bumper post on iceskating, look-a-likes, new IDs and MORE!

There’s a lot to cover in today’s post.  We’re going to take a look at Pippa iceskating last night and look at similar white coats.  We’ll look at Pippa’s outfit from yesterday, question where her black boots are from and take a look at the Alexander McQueen ‘bridesmaid dress’ that has been released.  Finally, I’m […]

Pippa wears grey coat & blue jeans in London

As Pippa walked to work today, she was photographed wearing her grey coat (by Fay), light stonewash blue jeans, black boots (Aquatalia I believe?), black Modalu handbag and Knomo laptop case. Let’s take a quick look:

Pippa out in London today.

Today, Pippa was photographed out and about in London wearing the same French Connection dress from September. She was sporting a new, long silver necklace and a pair of gold and sapphire coloured earrings. It also appears Pippa’s shoes are new, with Facebook commenter Tanya informing us that Pippa is wearing the Russel and Bromley ‘Heritage Loafer’. […]

Pippa Middleton’s Outfits: Catch up

I have been away from the blog for two weeks, as I moved house and had no proper internet connection.  I’m back properly now, and have put together a bumper post of Pippa’s outfits from when I was away. Here are all of Pippa’s outfits, in chronological order from the 1st of November, until today. […]

Pippa in London today & a few extra tidbits…

First up in today’s post is a glimpse of Pippa out in London today. Looking glam in highstreet labels, Pippa wore her black lace H&M dress with her Zara coat.  In true autumn style, Pippa paired her dress with black opaque tights. Here’s a look at Pippa today: You’ll also notice that Pippa is wearing […]

Pippa dazzles in blue once again…this time in a polo neck dress!

As all eyes were on sister Kate this morning after flying solo for her first official engagement as a royal last night, Pippa managed to pass by quietly for most.  However, she didn’t slip under our radar! We found this picture of Pippa out in London wearing this electric blue polo neck dress, her black […]