Brides-to-be request Pippa’s dress for their big day

Pippa Middleton DressEager brides-to-be are calling designers worldwide asking when they can buy a copy of Pippa’s bridesmaid dress for their own big day.  But, as the Daily Mail reports, it is the brides who want to wear Pippa’s dress up the aisle – not the bridesmaids!

Designers believe that this is the first time a bridesmaid’s dress has sparked such big reaction from the public.   Design director Dan Rentillo told the New York Times: “There was really no anticipation about Pippa’s dress. I can’t think of one where there was such a fuss over the bridesmaid’s dress.”

Some labels are certain that copies of Pippa’s dress will outset replicas of Catherines.

What do you think? Would you like to wear a replica of Pippa’s bridesmaid dress for your big day, or would you prefer to wear Kate’s?

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  1. Jane Barker says:

    I, myself am getting married next year, I am having a dress made in the exact same style as Pippa’s. I thought the dress was beautiful, and to be perfectly honest, I cannot for the life of me remember anything a bout Kate’s dress…….

    • I have to admit I loved both dresses. Liked the Lace detail on Kate’s dress and the fit of Pippa’s. Good luck getting married, I hope your day is fabulous. Feel free to send us some pictures of your Pippa-style dress after the big day!

    • Hi Jane,

      Please get in touch with us at Back2Back Productions, we would love to hear more about the dress you are having made in relation to a documentary we are currently making.



  2. My best friend is getting married for the second time and would love to wear a dress like Pippa wore at the Royal Wedding, would you know of a place where we could order this in the U.S. I am sure there are merchandisers that have had this dress duplicated to almost exact in Americal I would love to find out where we could order this dress. Please let me know if you know of anywhere.
    Thank you so much