Pippa’s book promotion: second signing & more tidbits of news {part one}

Pippa was spotted in the City of London today, entering a Waterstones bookstore to carry out a stock signing of her new book Celebrate:

Pippa wore her navy blue Fay coat (with the collar removed), a pair of Aquatalia suede boots (more on those below) and she carried her the black croc version of her Pippa handbag.  Let’s take a look:

pippa's at her book signing

As mentioned above, Pippa’s boots are by Aquatalia.  They’re known as the Orion style, but the suede version Pippa’s wearing is exclusive to Russell and Bromley (who are launching their e-store later this year) and they’re called the “Orchid-Dry.”

Here you can see similar items to Pippa’s for sale online if you want to steal her style:

Updates and tidbits of news:

If you’ve been on my Facebook page you might have noticed I have pushed out a flurry of updates in the last couple of days.  I’m going to summerize all of the updates across my next two blog posts, so here’s part one.  Remember to come back and read part two tomorrow.  You can actually subscribe to receive the next blog post via email as soon as I hit publish – do so here:

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Pippa’s pre-book launch night out:

New pictures of Pippa emerged from the night before Pippa’s book launch party.  Miss Middleton wore a pair of flourescent green jeans, thought to be the Brooke Street Coloured Jeans by Kate Spade and her black leather Whistles jacket.  She carried a gold snakeskin print clutch bag from Milli Millu, known as “The Parisian.”  Pippa finished her outfit off with a pair of black suede pumps by Emmy Shoes and the earrings shown below (center).


Lots of new IDs on Pippa’s earrings at the moment!  Right, let’s start with the green pair shown below, which Pippa wore with the outfit described above.  You can see a close up of Pippa wearing these earrings here.  They’re from Johanna Simmonds’ contemporary jewellery boutique in London.

Two of the three pairs (yes three pairs) Pippa wore to her book launch last night were from the same boutique.  .  See Pippa wearing those here and here:

pippa middleton earrings

The first pair of earrings Pippa wore to her book launch (consisting of a dark purple ball suspended on a small gold hoop) have not yet been IDd.  Big thank you to Anna and friends from My Small Obsessions today for those IDs.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Anna also managed to identify a FOURTH pair of black and silver earrings (below) that Pippa wore earlier this year too.  (Click here to see Pippa wearing these).  These are from Luxe Fashion Jewellery, an online boutique based in Oxfordshire.

Pippa Middleton Black and Silver Earrings

Modalu London:

Right onto the next tidbit of news!  Modalu London have some fab offerings for us Pippa fans today: firstly a Twitter competition for you to enter (see here) and an announcement about the Pippa bag in shark!  They’re re-releasing this iconic bag with the strap for a limited time only:

Pippa bag in shark with strap

Pippa wears another Project D dress: 

Since the pictures of Pippa’s Celebrate were released to the press, and since the book was launched, I’ve been asked about one dress in particular more than others.  The sparkly silver sequin dress that Pippa wears on the front cover: (see below, right)

pippa middleton's silver sequin dress

With thanks to Michelle F, I now have an ID to share with you:

pippa middleton silver dress

Pippa is wearing the Project D silver sequin ‘Claudia’ dress.   The dress was on sale for £158 on My Wardrobe recently and The Dressing Room sold it reduced down to just just £99!  It appears to be sold out almost everywhere.  The dress was also released in a gunmetal colour.

…and that’s enough for now.  Tomorrow I’ll publish the rest of our Pippa-related tidbits, along with news of any sightings of Pippa.  Can’t wait until then?  Head on over to the Facebook page now!

Thank you credits:  Michelle, Nikki, Anna, Ashley Marie.


  1. Great article !
    Just one thing : Pippa wore a navy coat and not a purple coat

    • I don’t know why but I saw it as purple. Maybe it was one photograph. I think you’re right though, I’ll change it.

  2. TheOutnet.com has a couple of Project D dresses for sale. (http://bit.ly/YgiHxq) – Pippa wore this to a wedding in April, it is also available in black (http://bit.ly/SpKfQq). Also this dress (http://bit.ly/SpKkDJ) appears to be a long version of the ‘Claudia’ dress id’ed above.

  3. looking good got mine pre-ordered!