Pippa braves the cold Autumn weather with bare legs, wearing a black dress & leopard print scarf

Pippa is photographed once again heading to work – another day, another dollar.

As I said over on our Facebook page, Pippa’s outfit today is right up my street (I really like it!).   Today she paired simple monochrome pieces with an injection of bright red with her Prada bag.  She finished the outfit off with gold earrings and the shoe boots she has been wearing a lot recently!

pippa black dress leopard scarf

Dress: Pippa’s black dress is by Tanya and it’s the Cleopatra, which retails at £399.00 (Thanks for the ID Pauline!) It features cute gold buttons on little panels, which show off her tiny waist!

Bag:  Pippa is carrying her red Prada bag, which we’ve seen previously.

Scarf:  I believe Pippa is wearing an ‘Alice by Temperley’ scarf, named the ‘Panthera’, costing £54.99. Click here to view.  (Thanks to Cherry for the tip!) Pippa wore this scarf again recently, again with a monocrome outfit & red accent.

Ankle boots: Kate Kuba 2010 collection.

Here’s the dress shown in Green and the scarf:

Pippa Middleton Black Dress with Gold ButtonsPippa Middleton Leopard Print Scarf


Pippa Middleton Black Dress Buttons Pippa Middleton Leopard Print Scarf Similar

Dress: Oasis, £45 – click here.
Scarf: Oasis,  £12 – click here.

Total cost of Pippa’s dress & scarf:  £458
Total cost of the look-a-likes: £57

I call that a fashion bargain!


  1. I LOVE that dress, all the way down to the sleeves.

    • Me too!! I can’t believe how expensive it is though, but I’m pleased I found the really similar one!

  2. I have found the shoes!

    Kate Kuba Marvin Black Heeled Ankle Boot – see my comments to the post below – they are currently on Ebay in size 2.5 (UK) for someone with tiny feet…or available on Amazon in the taupe colour

  3. Love this dress. Probably the best one she’s worn so far, IMO.

  4. I’ve found a very similar leopard print scarf in H&M for 10 euros, I suppose it’d be around the same in sterling. Not that there’s much difference in the price,but for those of us who don’t live in the UK and love your page, cause it gives great styling ideas, it could be an option. The scarf is a light brownish instead of the white, mixed with a black print. I could’nt find it on their web page, but it’s definitely in the stores!

  5. This outfit is hot hot hot!