A sneak preview of Celebrate for American Pippa fans

Pippa sends her party tips Stateside next week with the American launch of her new book Celebrate on October 30th.

If you’re located in the USA and you can’t wait to get your hands on Pippa’s fabulous recipes and brilliant ideas then head on over to your local newsagents today and get a copy of Parade magazine.  The magazine is paying homage to Britain’s most famous little sister and her new book by featuring an exclusive selection of her tips and ideas.

pippa middleton's book celebrate featured in parade mag

Left:  The cover of Parade magazine shows Pippa and a little girl playing “The Doughnut Tree” game.
Right:  Pippa at the book launch earlier this week.

For those who prefer to read their news and magazines online, you can also find the preview in digital format on Parade’s website:

Pippa’s Halloween and Seasonal Recipes:

As I’m UK based, I received my copy of Celebrate last week – I can attest that every single chapter is packed full of tips just like the Halloween excerpt.  Hopefully this preview will help you to decide whether or not you wish to buy Celebrate.

Pre-order from Amazon now by clicking here – $29.40*.


P.S. Before you ask, I have no idea where her scarf is from, but I’m working on it!  Please comment if you know!  🙂

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