A sneak peak at the new Modalu Pippa bags: new colours for A/W11.

UPDATE – this post is from 2011, it’s now 2014!

As this post is still getting traffic and people want to learn more about the current season Modalu Pippa bag colours, I’ll keep the following widget updated:


—- Begin old post: —–

The ever popular Modalu Bristol handbag quickly sold out on the Modalu website and in many other online shops after Pippa Middleton was spotted with it.  Since, the bag has been subject to many redesigns and relaunches by the company.

Some time ago we revealed that the company were planning to launch even more colours, but over the weekend our Facebook friends Michelle and Ineke found links hidden away online with previews of these new colours, plus two new colours that I wasn’t expecting:

modalu pippa bag

Here’s a quick reminder of the information we were given about the new colours earlier this year:

  • – Electric Blue Suede – End of Nov to beginning of Dec
  • – Nude, Blue and White Lizard – End of Dec to beginning of Jan 2012

So, from what I can see, we have the blue (top left) but this appears to be in a lizard print, which I wasn’t expecting.  The red (top center) is almost like the existing chili colour, but doesn’t feature in the information given above. Perhaps it is an updated version of the chili?

The electric blue suede is bottom right, the nude is top right and the white lizard is bottom center.

These bags are currently listed on German website Hardenli and come into stock from November onwards.

The biggest surprise for me was the very bright tomato red bag (bottom left).  It is not listed on the information provided by Modalu about the new colours. However, it is currently listed on the John Lewis website where it is described as the “Modalu Bristol” (note, not the ‘Modalu Pippa’ like the other bags) and it has a ‘pony skin effect’. The bag is no longer on John Lewis’ website.  Was it put on there in error and realised once they noticed the traffic from this post?  Was it an older design uploaded by mistake?  I’m not sure!

Either way, the bright red bag is very similar to the one we featured in our sidebar a few weeks ago from ISME.com, which was described as ‘cow hide’  – though the bags look like they’re different shapes.  I’m not certain if they’re different or the same bag.  That red version quickly sold out, but you can still see the black version still by clicking here.


  1. I love these bags!!beautiful colours and style

  2. Dress like a lady says:

    Strange, the pippabags are gone since a few days from the Hardenli website.