A couple of Pippa’s fashion mysteries solved!

Just a quick update on some of Pippa’s accessories that have been puzzling us recently.  Some of our fantastic Facebookers have solved the mysteries for us.

Pippa’s brown Gilet:

pippa brown gilet

I’m informed Pippa’s brown gilet was purchased from Encore, a designer clothes agency based in the Cotswolds.  They explained that they sell the Gilet and they have plenty more in stock too.  Celtic Sheepskin appears to be the label that make the gilets, which is known as the “Toscana”.  They have plenty of celebrity fans, and many different items in the Toscana range.

Two of Pippa’s bags:

pippa aruna seth

We’ve seen Pippa sporting this bag on several occasions recently and of course, in true Pippa Middleton style, it quickly became a hit with fans!  After lots of searching and zooming in on pictures, Finally Sarah E. solved the mystery and found the bag on Aruna Seth’s website.

The bag is labeled on Aruna Seth’s site as the “Romina Big Black Soft Leather Bag”.  In the description it says it’s available in both classic black leather (as picutred above) or in the ‘softest suede’, which is the same as Pippa’s.   The bag retails at £580.00

When I emailed Aruna Seth they confirmed the bag was theirs, also adding that they think Pippa was recently photographed with one of their wallets too. On inspection, I’d agree.  Pippa is holding a gold wallet at the Too Many Women event.  For copyright reasons, I can’t post the picture of Pippa holding the wallet, but you can click here to have it open in a new tab/window.  Here’s the picture of the gold wallet:

aruna wallet

It appears this wallet is no longer for sale on the Aruna Seth website, but you may be able to contact them for more information.

Pippa’s boots:

Yesterday Lisa S. Posted a link to these Peter Kaiser booties on our Facebook page, they look pretty darn similar to Pippa’s wouldn’t you agree?

pippa middleton boots

The boots are the Peter Kaiser Urga in black.  The only place I can find them online is this link Lisa S. posted us for Amazon Germany.

And that’s a wrap!


  1. The gilet could also be from Brora. Not cheap there either since it’s sheepskin…319 GBP.

  2. This site is so much fun!

  3. Not this post (17/01/12)…but new bag alert!!!!

  4. About the lovely grey dress with lace, you can find a very simmilar, but much cheaper one, in pull&bear 2012 spring-summer collection:

    http://www.pullandbear.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/category/pullandbeares/es/pullandbear/29016/VESTIDOS?NEWCOLLECTION#/577002/VESTIDO ENCAJE ESCOTE ESPALDA

    Hope you enjoy it!


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